Friday, January 6, 2012

Twice Baked Potato Twice For Breakfast

I just love twice baked potatoes and we only have them for special holiday meals so I’m always happy to have them leftover to stretch out my pleasure.  I know some of you chuckle at the things I’ll top with an egg, but this one made perfect sense to me since it was potato, bacon, and cheese. 

For meal one I just nuked the potatoes to reheat and topped with a couple of fried eggs.

For meal two, I nuked a potato for 1½ minutes to get it hot enough to start cooking the egg and made a well large enough to hold the egg.  I put it in the toaster oven, preheated to 350*, for 5 minutes, then turned on the broiler and it took about 4 minutes for the egg to set up.

Added some S&P and chopped parsley and dug in.

I’d be hard pressed to say which I liked better, but I wish the potatoes weren’t all gone so I could run a few more tests.  My buddy Joe sent me this in an email and just I had to post it.

A Real Cowboy Has No Fear

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  1. Twice baked potatoes are one of our favorites and I make several versions. Never thought of them for breakfast though. Sure would start the day of right. Great idea Larry.

    Cute photo of a very brave little John Wayne. Thanks Joe.

  2. ok, I have to admit I've never made a twice baked potato. And I love them! Our nearby specialty store, Tony's, has them premade and over the years, I've gotten in the habit of grabbing them there. And you know I love those egg ideas. Great litte cowboy photo.

  3. The egg IN the baked potato is a brilliant idea! What a great breakfast surprise :) I'm with you Larry, pretty much anything can be topped with an egg and be made better. Ah the incredible, edible egg! And PS those twice baked taters look delish too! With or with out the eggs :)

  4. I love twice baked potatoes, and now I want to make them just so I can try your egg idea Larry. The potato with the egg cooked in it really appeals to me!

  5. Larry, I've had fried slices, hash browns, chunky and fried mashed potato patties with eggs for breakfast, but I've never ever thought about fried eggs over twice baked potatoes. Makes perfect sense though, giving the fact that all the basics are already there! You are the Man! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. You are the king of breakfasts. An idea I would have never though of but it looks really good!

    Love the cowboy photo :)

  7. Oh Larry. You never fail to make me drool over your breakfasts. I can't wait to try this out! Bookmarked.

  8. Oh my gosh, this could not possibly tempt me more. A twice baked potato with a soft runny egg on top? That pretty much has my name all over it. Poor deliciousness. I haven't made stuffed potatoes in ages. I am going to put them on my meal plan for the month now. Thanks!

    And that last picture? Totally cracked me up! Have a GREAT day, Larry.

  9. What is not to love about twice baked potatoes and fried eggs. Great idea to cook them together. I have finally convinced David that the eggs he loves are really good for him. So much old hype about eggs and cholesteral. All of the tests were done on powdered eggs! Go figure.

  10. I'm pretty sure that since everyone agrees that hash browns are perfect with eggs, you should get no argument over twice baked potatoes with eggs. Pam's right; your breakfasts are drool-worthy.

  11. I think that baked egg in a potato idea is genius! I might have to make twice baked potatoes just to get that.


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