Thursday, January 5, 2012

Open Faced Prime Rib Sandwich

Bev found a pan of rolls in the fridge that didn’t get baked for Christmas and we had plenty of meat left, so she requested prime rib au jus.  I don’t know if this was the correct name, but I knew what she wanted – many years together will do that you know.

While the rolls were baking and then cooling just a little, I reheated the left over jus in a 12” skillet and cut and trimmed some thin slices of meat.  When the rolls were about ready to eat I added the meat to the simmering jus for a few minutes just to get it warm.

For mine, I sliced two rolls into three pieces each - ate one piece.

Then added some hot jus, then the meat, and more jus.

Not a great photo, but trust me, it was delicious and required no sides to get in the way, although I later had a slice of pumpkin pie.

I just finished watching my recording of the Orange Bowl and for any who thought my Mountaineers had no business in a BCS bowl game, I'd say the record setting drubbing (70-33) they put on Clemson might suggest otherwise.

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  1. Love sandwiches like this.. and I just know it was delicious!!

  2. Well I have to say, you put those rolls to good use, Larry! Delicious sandwiches!

  3. This sandwich makes me drool! There are few things tastier in this world than prime rib and jus on a roll. YUM!! The banner photo is painfully beautiful Larry!! Was that taken in/around the Teton Mountains/Snake River/Jackson Hole WY area? I love that part of the country :)

  4. Larry, Great looking hot prime rib sandwich...on Bev's yeast rolls too! I like leftover prime rib, hot or cold. Yesterday I had a cold slice of prime rib on 2 pieces of toast. It was great. As for the football game, I watched it too... What a drubbing for Clemson! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I've never thought about using prime rib in a sammie, but hey, it must to be awesome!

  6. Now, just boil up the bones for soup, and it will have been a wonderful end to a great Christmas meal.

    And my girls were crowing about WVU this morning, too. Fun is!

  7. Hi Larry--- We love Prime Rib --and when we order it when eating out, it has to be a special occasion. Guess we'd never have some left for a sandwich... ha ha

    Congrats to your team. I thought about you... That was SOME win.

  8. Sandwiches that require a knife and fork to eat make me feel like I got more of a meal. And this one looks like one heck of a meal.

    Yep, your Mountaineers steamrolled the Clemson kitties, didn't they!?


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