Monday, January 30, 2012

Country Ham And Biscuits

In our continuing, and barely making headway, effort to reduce our freezer inventory, Bev suggested having country ham and biscuits for breakfast, and she got a quick "you bet" from me. We had two fairly thick slices of ham and a 12 pack of Food Lion biscuits.

Since the fat is pretty salty I like to trim it off prior to cooking. There are many ways to cook ham in a skillet, but since it’s basically the same thing as prosciutto except aged 6 months less and usually sliced thicker, and since prosciutto is regularly eaten raw, I only try to get my country ham hot without really cooking it. 

Frying just seems to make it dryer and more chewy, especially if it’s thick, so I add just a little water to a pan, bring in to a simmer, drop in the ham, and add a lid. I cook it a few minutes on each side and it’s perfect - warm and as tender as it can be - this also removes some of the salt.

My plan was for ham biscuits with cheddar cheese and onion, but after baking this is what I had for biscuits - note the halved one. They were either too old or just lousy biscuits, but they were lousy biscuits.

So I went to plan B.

The sandwich was good, but there will be a next time for the biscuits. 

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  1. I've been craving ham hash and you've made it worse. I buy a ham steak and then fry it up a bit before cubing with potatoes. Next time I'll cook it in water. Makes sense!

  2. Sorry the biscuit idea was shot down.. but the sandwich does look tasty!!

  3. Sometimes plan b turns out the best! That is my kind of breakfast sandwich.

  4. That a great idea but too bad about the biscuits! They look really good on the outside. These are the perils of cleaning out the freezer ;)

  5. That's exactly how I cook ham, because I'm not a big salt fiend. Too bad the biscuits were no good. But it looks like you made do anyway.

  6. The melty cheese caught my attention. I have wanted to try country ham, but, I have been told how salty it is and I have been a little skeptical. As always, you have made a breakfast to be reckoned with!

  7. That's how I heat ham steaks as well. The extra water makes a big difference. Way to think on the fly and save the meal. Your sandwich looks great.

  8. You can always carry those biscuits as a personal self defense device, ha ha. I've used the Pilsbury ones with decent results.

    But the sandwich looks like a great idea too!


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