Friday, November 25, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Lockhart - Black's BBQ

For our stay in San Marcos, I had laid out this plan where we would go somewhere nearby for a BBQ brunch nearly everyday then do something else for supper, so on our second morning, we headed for Lockhart, Tx.  Lockhart bills itself as the BBQ capital of Texas and with three famous places (plus an upstart) it would be difficult to argue with them.  Lockhart is a nice looking little town of about 12,000 and is built with this super looking courthouse in the middle and a square around it.

On our last visit to the area, we had eaten at Kreutz's in Lockhart and thought the beef was very good, but not their pork and since Smitty's and Kruetz's are the same family that split over a squabble, we opted for Black's this time.  We were there shortly after they opened so there were few customers, but we should be getting the freshest food.

Upon entering, you come to a nice looking buffet of sides and Bev got a little slaw and potato salad, but since I was there for BBQ, I passed.  After going thru the buffet, you come to the meat station where everything is cut to order and you pay by the pound.  Bev got some brisket flat and I got a beef rib, some fattier brisket point, and a link of jalapeno cheddar sausage, all of which we shared - I was surprised to get a plate rather than butcher paper.

Bev's brisket flat was dry and required some sauce, but all of mine was very good.  As much as it pains me to say it, Bev and I both liked my BBQ better, except for the ribs, which we might if I could get them with an inch of meat vs. the almost none I have available.  I pretty much thought everything was a little over cooked and can understand it since it's assembly line BBQ.

Assuming we would have a similar experience whereever we went, we cancelled our plans for an everyday BBQ brunch and began thinking about other things.  Counting previous trips here, I've now eaten at Kreutz’s in Lockhart, Salt Like in Driftwood, Mt Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville, Texas Pride BBQ in San Antonio, and County Line at Lake Austin and SA River Walk - I liked the church's best.

The header is from the campground managers on-site home across the street from us here at Pecan Park.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Wishin' Y'all a Happy Thanksgiving....and Black's sounds like MY kind of BBQ joint!

  2. I just got a book to review that is solely about Austin area BBQ joint but I trust your review about Blacks more so than the book's. Did you get to meet Kevin of the blog Kevin's BBQ joints while there?

  3. That's too bad the BBQ there isn't as good as you would have hoped for. BUT, it does make you feel pretty good when you can say that yours is better than a restaurants!!!

  4. I'm adding Lockhart, which I'd never heard of, to my list of places to visit in Texas someday. To see the courthouse and town, *not* to eat at the places you didn't care for! I have a question: What is brisket point? Never heard of it.

  5. We are enjoying your trip...vicariously, of course. Since we enjoy BBQ it is great to get the tour!

  6. Yep, I have to agree. That plate of food doesn't look half as good as what you show us all the time!

  7. I've found that the more I cook, the less satisfied I am with restaurant food. Why pay extra for it when I can make it better at home!

  8. Well, of course you like your BBQ better....duh, I do too Larry. And by the comments, everyone else does too. Home is always best.

  9. Those Texas BBQ people just do not know who they're messin with! :)

  10. Even having never had your BBQ, Larry, I have no doubt from reading all of your posts, that your BBQ is hands-down superior to anyone's!

  11. Larry, That platter of meat at Black's looks mighty fine to me! I like Texas BBQ for the beef ribs and the sausage. Brisket can be very good as well. Most of the places I've been just don't do pork very well. It's a fact that your pork ribs are damn near impossible to beat! Travel Carefully, Big Daddy Dave


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