Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Deal On Shrimp Too

The same day Bev bought the strip steaks in yesterdays post, she discover 16-20 count shrimp for $4.99/lb and bought a couple bags of them as well – and it was a Wednesday so she got the additional 5% discount just for being old - Krogers has a 5% senior citizen discount on Wednesday. She decided on shrimp for dinner last night and when I suggested grilling them with a garlic butter baste, she advised it was fried shrimp and hushpuppies she had in mind – sounded like a winner to me.

I didn’t want to trash the stove so I did the deep frying on the grill side burner and I had one of the grill burners on low to use it as a warming oven.

First up were the hushpuppies, which for us are unsweetened. We were going to try a new recipe but Bev got home late so we had the old standby –which are very good.

2 cup self rising corn meal
2 T flour
1 Beaten egg
1 medium Spanish onion
Sweet milk to make a stiff batter (Bev uses buttermilk)

Cooked them at 350 and they came out light and fluffy – as always. Here's the batter.

The cooking set up.

Frying away.

The first batch is out.

After thawing and peeling, the shrimp were dunked in our standard beer batter then rolled in Panko bread crumbs for extra crunch.

Beer Batter Recipe
1 cup self rising flour
1 beaten egg
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Old Bay (optional)
Beer to get the right consistency

Mix the dry ingredients, stir in the egg and some beer, then add beer to get the thickness you want – we like ours on the thin side. Ready for the fryer.

Cooking hard.

The first batch is out.

Here’s my plate – I sided it with more shrimp a little homemade shrimp sauce. Didn’t fill it too full as I’d already eaten two hushpuppies and a shrimp while cooking.

Even the very picky eater, Alex, enjoyed this meal (she's a cold cereal, canned soup, ramen noodle, McDonald's kinda girl).

Now if I just lived next door to Cowgirl Jeanie so I could sweet talk her out of some of her pond raised fresh shrimp.

Have a great day and I love to get comments.

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  1. Those hushpuppies and shrimp look AWESOME!!!! I can almost feel the crisp crust giving way as I bite into a hushpuppy. Mmmmmm.


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