Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Days 4 & 5 - The Griswold's

We drove from Hot Springs, Ark. down to Nacogdoches, Tx. on day 4 and noticed we were losing power as we went up hills and sometimes pretty badly, so I was pretty sure we had a clogged fuel filter. Since I knew we could run this way ok, but at a lower speed, we limped on south and began calling RV places in Nacogdoches and found one right along our route who said bring it on in. Within an hour, we were fixed up and on our way to the campground called Paradise Lake. Forty years ago it may have lived up to its name, but by modern standards, it’s barely adequate and pretty well matches up to its sign.

Here’s a shot of it and the lake that has been reduced to a pond by the drought – but if you enlarge the third picture you can see the otter that was frolicking in it just before we pulled out – first one I’d ever seen in the wild and the day had started out very well.

We decided to go back up the road to a convenient truck stop and fill up with fuel and we heard a scrape as we pulled in thinking it was the tow dolly so I didn’t even bother to look. Bev commented she thought the RV may have also scrapped. We headed on down the road and about an hour and fifteen minutes later, the oil light came on and we pulled over, as I wanted to re-tighten the car on the dolly anyway.

The car, the dolly, and the rear of the coach were covered in oil which had apparently been coming out in a slow leak since the fuel stop. We put a jug under it to catch what we could and once again called CoachNet, but went on line to see what we could find ourselves. The guy we bought the RV from had installed a valve on the oil pan to make it easier to change the oil and our little scrape broke it. So far, two of the systems he installed for convenience have stranded us on the side of the road.

Back in August, Bev decided she had to buy an Ipad and after the tire issue, she subscribed to a months-worth of internet service via Verizon (I won’t leave home without it again). We were 8 miles north of Livingston, Tx and found a diesel shop that would come see if could fix us up – I'd had such high hopes for today.

Can you believe that after an hour, I called the guy back and he was still in the shop– said he got half way here and his vehicle had trouble so he had to go back. I’m now just hoping a semi doesn’t plow into us or we get struck by lightning out of the clear blue sky.

After trying some other places to negative responses, I called the guy back and siad I'd come get him if necessary, but one of his guys finally agreed to drive his personal car out and handle it.  The job took less than 30 minutes to put in a new plug and add the oil, but we were there for 3 1/2 hours.

So for the third day we had vehicle troubles and for the second time, we rolled into the campground well after dark, totally bushed, and frustrated - so we opened a bottle of wine (the good stuff) and sat on the patio until we were wound down enough to go to bed.  Things will have to be a lot better going back for the RV not to go on the market when we get home, assuming we do.  Does the name Griswold ring a bell?

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. 

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  1. Ah, Larry. This is starting to sound like the vacation from hell. I'm sending big hugs to you and Bev. They won't help much but at least you'll know we are thinking of you. I hope your Thanksgiving Day goes well. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Oh, geez, Larry... I'm so sorry to hear you are having so many problems with the RV. Talk about putting a damper on the vacation. Hope you can still enjoy the rest of the trip!! Take care!!

  3. My goodness, this makes me for sure not to go "RV-ing!!! Maybe all the kinks are worked out now and the rest of the trip will be great. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Oh my, what troubles you are having. I am so sorry this is happening you you and Bev. Hopefully you will have no more issues. My inlaws have had so many expenses with their deisel that hauls their 5th wheel that is has gotten too pricy for them to continue with it.

    Well I wish you both a very Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving!

  5. Sounds like you bought a boat!

  6. Oh Larry, there is no way you could be making this up. I agree with Chris. Maybe you bought a boat and it only looks like an RV. I hope the trip from hell improves before you throw in the towel.

    Thinking of you both and wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  7. What an adventure! I think I'd be having a pretty good talk with the guy who sold it to me. So sorry to hear about all of that.

    The real reason I stopped by was to wish you and Bev a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to say thank you for being a part of the blogging world so that we could connect.

  8. Oh Larry, what a frustrating adventure your vacation has turned into! I am seeing visions of a Griswold vacation!
    Thank goodness for the wine.
    I hope you and Bev have a very nice Thanksgiving and may the remainder of your trip be "repair free"!

  9. How AWWWWful! But thank goodness for wine and an Ipad. We're just back home from Thanksgiving in Kansas ... I'm almost afraid to read any further. :)

  10. Larry..(and Bev) What can we say?! YIKES!! Way too many Griswold type adventures... You sure have made a lot of acquaintances in the repair business. At this rate, you'll be able to write a guidebook. Seriously, we're both hoping that the rest of your trip is totally enjoyable! Take Care and Travel Safely... Big Daddy Dave & Laurie


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