Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breakfasts – One Restaurant And One From Leftovers

After the delicious hash browns I had at Hoot’s on Marco Island, I had the urge to visit Waffle House for another round and since we were passing right by one on our way to Knoxville I couldn’t resist.  My plan was to have a pecan waffle with a side of hash browns, for Bev and I to share, but the guy beside us was having biscuits and gravy and it looked too good to pass up – we rarely make it at home.

So my order was for one biscuit and gravy and an order of scattered hash browns (scattered = with onions), which I moved to the biscuit plate after the shot.

This is the shot from Hoot’s and surprisingly, they were definitely better than the Waffle House – I think they used more butter to cook them - note the color difference.

The biscuit and gravy were very good - maybe next time for the waffle.  The next step is to buy or make some hashbrowns and try to replicate Hoot's.

Even though I ate some for lunch, I still had some stuffing left from yesterday’s BBQ day and I decided to have it for breakfast along with some of the delicious rye bread we’d brought home from Hoot’s.  I topped a slice of the bread with a piece of Guggisberg Baby Swiss and toasted it and nuked the stuffing.

Then I topped both with an over easy egg.

They were obviously very different, and I enjoyed them both.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Yummy breakfast! First time in your blog and i am loving my stay here. So much to learn from you!!

  2. I LOVE hash browns...but haven't had them in far too long. This post is really making me crave them!

  3. I love Waffle House hashbrowns so Hoots must have served up a special plate. I think I've unsuccessfully tried making HB's once... do you need to do something to get some of the moisture out of the potato when you shred them? I'll have to think about that...or better yet, Google it.

  4. Wow, I've missed your breakfasts. You indulge better than anyone I know. :) I can't resist ordering biscuits & gravy when I go out either.

  5. I never seem to be able to get hash browns right.. I wonder why that is? When you figure it out, Mr. Breakfast, you definitely will need to share :)

  6. Count me in with the hashbrown lovers too. The commercial kitchens have an advantage over us home cooks though - that great big HOT griddle!

  7. Biscuits & gravy is VERY hard to resist and the hash browns look delicious too. I love the leftover breakfast - everything is tastier with an over easy egg on top.

    I really think you should create a cookbook that features all of your leftover breakfasts - they always make me drool!

  8. Larry, We'll have to try Hoot's when we get down to Marco Island. We do like Waffle House plus their biscuit and gravy...but more butter in the hash browns is better! When I saw the home first breakfast photo above, I almost freaked out...and then I was relieved to see an egg on each food item in the next photo! All is right with the world... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Waffle house is an interesting place, because they have so many choices. And their prices are pretty good, too.

  10. I've been making my own hash browns lately from small white potatoes. The one step that seems to really help is to salt the shredded potatoes and press between two paper towels for 30 minutes before cooking. That and cast iron is a must.


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