Friday, July 22, 2011

Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad Ala Mika

I love pasta salad as a side dish or as the entire meal and when I read Mika's Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad over at Mika’s Pantry, I knew I had to make it.  For a long time I was reluctant to make an entire recipe of something new and while it still happens on occasion, now I can usually tell if I’m going to like something after reading the recipe.

Seems as though there are two methods to make a dish – get everything prepped then assemble or assemble as you go.  I am more of the first one and Bev is more of the second so I proceeded to prep everything while the pasta cooked, dumping the items into a bowl as I went.  However, Kitty showed up about the time I opened the tuna so I put it in a separate bowl, hid it in the cabinet, and went back to prepping until it was time to drain the pasta (I used bowtie and elbow to make up the needed one pound).

When the pasta was drained, I assembled the dish and was disappointed that it was not as good as I expected – then I remembered the tuna – hard to be great when the main ingredient is missing.  So I mixed in the tuna and it was indeed better and I decided to look at the recipe one last time, only to notice the mayo was missing as well.

I stirred it in after washing the spoon for the third time and decided I’d better have one more look at the recipe – can you believe it, no oregano.  I got the spoon back from the sink and mixed one more time, hoping the pasta wouldn’t turn to mush with all the mixing.

After tasting, I thought it could use more salt, but decided to wait until the flavors married for a few hours before adding any, plus I was afraid to mix it any more.  I guess you would call this a blend of method one and method two although it wasn’t my plan.  Am I the only one loosing it?

Anyway I really liked the dish eating it atop some lettuce and tomato for lunch then I added crumbled feta cheese to my supper plate, which I thought was a nice addition.  When Bev got home from shopping, she really liked it as well, especially after adding some chipotle hot sauce, which she often adds to things. 

For another picture and the recipe, pop on over to Mika’s blog – I just had to share this story.

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  1. I am a "Mise en place" kind of person and always have been. I like everything ready to go, but I don't multi-task well, so that may be the reason. Meakin is just the opposite, but he sure appreciates my prep job when he's doing the cooking.

    Don't feel bad about the tuna in the cabinet. I have to make a note to myself to add the clams at the last minute to chowder or I'll forget. At least you can blame it on the cat.

  2. Ha ha, that is priceless Larry! Great story and one I think we all can relate to.

  3. I'm blaming the whole fiasco on that darn cat. (at least that's what I do around here) Too funny Larry.

  4. I'm blaming the whole fiasco on that darn cat. (at least that's what I do around here) Too funny Larry.

  5. I won't tell you the number of times I have missed adding an ingredient to a dish... frustrating for sure! Nice recovery though :) I love these flavors together!

  6. I had to laugh when I read this! I hate it when I don't read a recipe carefully and especially when I forget to buy a key ingredient at the store and have to go back for it. I love tuna salads and will have to take a look at the recipe.

  7. The tuna pasta looks yummy. I love tuna most anyway I can get it... Thanks!!!

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Larry, I shall not comment on forgetting anything! unless it is in the other room where I am searching mindlessly. lol

    I can taste the recipe, and I think some of Bev's Chipotle hot sauce sounds delightful... can we mix a little in with the mayo first, then combine? We love pasta and I guess I'll just have to try this. ;)

    Can you believe it was 65 two days ago and tomorrow it is supposed to be 86, 90 to follow. The peppers and tomatoes are applauding. You and Bev have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What would we do without our crazy cats! They sure make life more fun and interesting. I love salads like this, especially dolloped on top of a great summer tomato and lettuce! Perfect!

  10. I'm so glad you like the Tuna Salad Larry! My family just loves it!


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