Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grandkids At The Lake

After a fun day at Cades Cove on Friday, Saturday was devoted to playing in the lake at Almost Heaven South where supermom, Kathy, wore the kids and hersrlf out on the jet ski.  Before heading for the lake, we fixed them up with a simple high carb lunch to give them plenty of lake energy.

We had no leftovers and this all but finished up our first patch of corn.  We'll get a few more ears, but the next patch will be ready within a week.  Kathy went thru three tanks of gas and did a great job organizing, such that everyone got their fair share of being where they wanted.
In keeping with our desire to eat from the garden, supper consisted of potatoes fried in a cast iron dutch oven, fresh picked green beans cooked with Benton's bacon, leftover crappie, poached in lemon-butter-caper-white wine sauce, and reheated brisket from the blogger party.  Here's my plate and the Texas based Roden girls were into the brisket.

It was all very good and this may be our favorite potato preparation method.
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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


  1. What a wonderful time you are all having. The girls will remember these fun and happy holidays for the rest of their lives.

    I certainly remember happy times staying with both sets of grandparents - while they were in another city they very kindly lived in side by side suburbs!

    I hope the happy times continue for you all,

    Michelle down-under in Wellington, NZ (Zebbycat is soundly sleeping on "our" bed under his beloved quilty)

  2. Fresh corn from your garden... imagine!

  3. What great summer fun and food. Why the heck haven't I fried potatoes in my cast iron??? That corn is a sight for sore eyes. None in our farmer's markets yet. I'm hoping soon.

  4. Frying potatoes in a cast iron skillet is one of my favorite ways to prepare potatoes too. There is just something about them... yum!! I'm so jealous you have so much corn from your own garden!!!

  5. The before and after corn shot made me laugh. It's amazing how fast a bunch of kids can go through plates of food. It looks like everybody had a great day on the water.

  6. Hey Larry & Bev!

    Laurie here...David is running errands for me! He's a good husband! I'll keep him around...

    So happy that you & Bev,your kids & grandkids are having such a good time together! We know that Almost Heaven South ( I keep calling it, A Little Bit of Heaven South, sorry about that)...anyway, we know what a special place you have there & it's made even more special when all your family can enjoy it with you. You guys are the best!!

    Take care & see you soon!

  7. Those grandkids are lucky to have you and Bev to cook for them.... I KNOW they all enjoyed everything--including their time on the jet ski.

  8. Like you my folks live on a lake and we have made so many fun memories there during the summer! Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves greatly!

  9. Wonderful fun in the summertime! Looks like many food and water memories being made there ;)

  10. Blogger ate my last comment so sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I bet there were some tired bodies after that day. The fresh corn must have been amazing.


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