Sunday, April 10, 2011

Potato Crusted Quiche

I like eggs and I like casseroles, so a quiche (egg casserole) works perfectly for me - real man or not. I’ve saved several potato crusted dish recipes, with the latest one coming from Katherine at Smoky Mountain Café. Each time I mention making a dish with a potato crust, Bev says we tried it once and it was kind of bland, but I knew this was easy to fix.

As it turns out, I still had some Braun Bon potatoes left from the grilled pork loin dinner and since they were very flavorful I decided to use them for the crust and just ran the knife thru them a couple of times to make them smaller.

Since this was just for me, I went with a small oval dish that I sprayed with Pam, lined with the potato mixture, and baked at 400* for about 25 minutes (the taters had a lot of moisture that needed to bake out).

I chopped some fresh-from-the-garden asparagus, a half of one of my log-grown shitake mushrooms, a green onion, and a little yellow bell pepper

and added them to the baked crust.

I added some shredded cheese and poured the egg/ half & half/ hot sauce mixture over it and baked at 350 for 25 minutes – got it a little full.

I sided it with a warmed up homemade roll.

It was outstanding and I won’t hesitate to make one with hash browns, but to solve Bev's concern, I’ll season the potatoes as though they were a standalone dish with something that goes with the seasonings in the egg mix. Or, I’d make the Braun Bon potatoes again just to use for potato crust.  They were also very good just warmed and topped with an egg.

This weather is crazy and I was miserable all day Friday in the warm, humid, opened-up house.  It's supposed to be mid 80's and humid for the next 2 days (86* Sun) so yesterday, I turned the AC on and it's not even mid-April.  Maybe it's good to have a trial run, but I'm thinking of looking for a summer place in the Montana mountains when we go West this year :-).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oooo what about a tater tot crust! I think that would have an awesome texture.

  2. We turned our AC on yesterday too! We usually last till May, but by yesterday evening the upstairs was miserable.

  3. I just happen to be making a quiche for a brunch this morning. Now I'm tempted to add some hashbrowns for a crust. Sounds wonderful. I'd be complaining about your heat/humidity.
    Spoiled in Cool Colorado

  4. When you find your summer getaway, just let me know. I'd be happy to keep an eye on the place while you're gone. ;)

  5. Larry, I would have stopped with the potatoes...out of the oven...and drop a couple of eggs on them...with Tabasco of course! Yummy... Of course, it's hard to beat fried potatoes topped with eggs, the second use you displayed. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. That looks scrumptious! We had warm (to us) weather this weekend - sunny, and 50's. I lounged in the sun on the deck and the dogs took the other chaise and joined me. We've decided 45 is the new 65 when it comes to Montana temps. It's all relative, right?

  7. Potatoes and eggs...a hearty beakfast...real men do eat's one of my favorite foods.

  8. We broke down an turned our AC on Saturday morning. I'm glad you tried it and proved you're not afraid to be a real man!

  9. Gorgeous.. this is right up my alley.

  10. Wow Larry! That looks great!! You are making me hungry!

  11. I'll take care of your Stumps during the summer, ha ha.

    Smart idea about seasoning the potatoes as they were going to be eaten by themselves.


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