Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Know You’re A Redneck If

I don’t know if you’re familiar with or a fan of the redneck comics, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry The Cable Guy, but I think these guys are hysterical – in large part because what they say is true. And in some cases it’s true of me.

When we moved to our dream home in the country at Almost Heaven South, we soon realized it was different than living in town and one of those differences was no municipal trash collection. So we set about composting organics, feeding meat scraps to the dogs, recycling what we could, and burning things that would. We were still left with items, such as steel cans that didn’t fit into any of these categories and had to be dealt with. We didn’t want to pay for on-site trash collection, so we snuck these items about 4 miles, into the next county and deposited them in their convenience center - we didn’t have one. They finally got wise, began checking license plates, and put a stop to it.

We then discovered a large dumpster up in Greenback that was used for the locals and used it for a while, except it was usually overflowing. It eventually went away – likely do to the varmints that were attracted to it in the middle of town. We then began hauling these items to Bev’s parents in Maryville and putting them in their trash – we still didn’t have enough to justify using a trash service. After going through several 55 gallon steel drums, setting the woods on fire twice and realizing we were creating air pollution, we quite burning, so then had more to dispose of.

It was then announced that the county was going to install a convenience center in Greenback and we thought it would never get done. We waited with baited breath until it finally opened. It turned out to be very nice, taking all of our trash and recyclables (except glass) including electronics, appliances, metals. They almost make enough on cardboard, purchased by a local paper company, to pay to run the place. Here are a couple of shots.

You know you’re a redneck when the highlight of your month, or maybe year, was the opening of the local dump and you really know it when you take pictures to post on your blog.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. The title pic is the woods and redbuds in the back of our house.

Larry, the imported Yankee Redneck

PS - If you read this entire post and didn't at least smile, you are not having nearly enough fun.


  1. That is a lovely center :) We take all our recyclables to a center pretty close to us, but now our trash service is offering curbside. Well, they're not offering have to pay no matter what! So, we'll be using that for everything except glass.

  2. I smiled... my grandparents are from the ozarks in southern Missouri... they filled a trailer (mobile home) with trash for years and years... Trailer may still be there

  3. Smile?!? I laughed my butt off! I live in the country, too, and don't know what we'd do without our "green can" site. (a collection center of dumpsters and recycle bins) Yes indeedy, I can relate. :)

  4. lol Larry, I can relate to that!
    Congratulations on the new dump site. :)

  5. I definitely enjoyed this post. Are you also a redneck if you looked at the pictures and thought there were some items that you could take and use? I saw a couple things.

  6. LOL, love it! I know I'm a redneck because growing up on a farm in the middle of no where, the excitement of my week was getting to burn the trash! Great post.

  7. Smile? I laughed out loud! Thanks for the chuckle, Larry.

  8. Goodness Gracious---that shocks me, Larry. We live in Cumberland County where the poverty is rampant... YET---there are county-run places like you just got all over this county --for us to take all of our recycle items --in addition to trash, etc.... I was shocked that your area didn't already have such a thing. Crazy!!!! Welcome to TENNESSEE.... ha ha


  9. Laughing our tails off.

    I kept picturing this like a scene from the song Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie (where they kept all the trash in the church bell tower).


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