Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fried Mac & Cheese For Breakfast

I still had some M&C hanging around the fridge and decided to make it into breakfast – of course. I first nuked it to warm it a little so I could mix in some of my diced pork/venison smoked sausage and form it into the shape I wanted.

Then I preheated the pan, added olive oil, and slid it in with a spatula as carefully as I could. When it got a nice crust, I flipped it as carefully as I could – it looks pretty brown, but it was perfect.

I topped it with a fried egg (again of course) and dug it.

It was outstanding and had I added a little sweated or maybe caramelized onion, it may have rolled my eyes back in my head. Since it was warm, I had a little trouble getting it to stay together, so next time I’ll make it the night before as you can’t pry it apart when it’s cold. If you haven’t, you really should try the fried mac and cheese.

I will be eternally grateful to Chris (Nibble Me This) for posting the video on proper pan heating techniques and hooking me up with the Rouxbe Cooking School. Can you imagine how badly this would have stuck to an improperly heated pan. I was ready to chuck my stainless pans and just use non-stick and cast iron, but now I love them again.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

One year ago: Fresh Asparagus Coming  - I don't know who started this feature but I really like it as it makes me go back and see what I posted a year ago.



  1. My son will insist I make this he is a huge mac and cheese fan... I have to hide this post for now till vacation! lol thanks

  2. Good grief! This sounds wonderful. Thanks to you, I'm going to be craving mac and cheese until I make it. Sunday evening I was pan frying some salmon and caught myself putting oil in the pan before it's time. I did what you did and started over. I've got to get into that habit! The first I saw of "one year ago" was on Noble Pig's site. And I've not seen anyone else but her, you and me doing it.

  3. And here I thought I was the only one who made leftovers for breakfast. I like to cook, and have a hard time cooking small. Nice blog, I had fun going through it.

  4. That just sounds over the top delicious! I've indulged in deep fried mac and cheese once... I'm gonna say that yours is probably even better... I mean it's topped with a fried egg too!!! :)
    I started doing "one year ago" after my posts this year...I love it for the same reason.. I had forgotten some of the really good meals I made back then!!

  5. What a great way to start the day. I'd be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound after this - I think. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. See, I'd have just nuked the M&C and called it a fine breakfast. Yours was better.

  7. You and David have a lot in common. He is a breakfast kind of guy. He went fishing on the lake yesterday and caught a white bass. For breakfast this morning he fried that with fried potatoes and an egg. It looked good, but I had already eaten. I did taste the potatoes though and loved them.

  8. Hi Larry, Since we have been gone a week, I am just now trying to catch up on my visits... I missed your delicious breakfasts--especially... I still think you need to publish that cookbook.

  9. This looks sinful and delicious (that should be one of your categories, Larry! :) I am awful about that oil rule and it is pretty important . . . I'm going to have to pay more attention.

  10. It saved my "non-non-stick pans" too, ha ha.

    I have never had fried mac and cheese but I have seen a few versions of it. I like how yours isn't deep fried.


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