Monday, September 20, 2010

Steak Kebabs

One of the local grocers had beef filet butt ends on sale the other day and Bev bought a couple of them. After we cut off a couple of steaks for a previous meal, we had a nice piece left for making into kebabs and that was Bev's desire for supper. They were pretty basic from a component standpoint. We cut everything to size, marinated in Italian salad dressing in a plastic bag for a couple of hours, and poured out onto a platter.

Then, they were threaded onto skews and everything seasoned with salt, pepper, and Tiger seasoning and the meat got a little Montreal Seasoning as well – the combo provided a flavor we really liked.

I grilled them over charcoal and we had some garlic bread warming on the no heat side of the grill.

Just slid them off the skewers onto plates for a fairly healthy meal – if you stayed with only one slice of the bread.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Looks delicious, Larry.... I love veggies cooked over the grill... Yum.

  2. I wondered how I could have not drooled over this yesterday, but then I saw your post time and figured it out. Nice meal.

  3. I love beef tenderloin for skewers. It's one of my favorite uses for the ends and side piece.


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