Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Special Birthday

My birthday generally comes and goes with very little fanfare, by my choice. Since being a teenager, I’ve thought my mom should get the celebration day for what she did – all I did was pop out. I’ve actually forgot it was my birthday more than once in my life and I really want to forget the next Medicare eligible one.

But the one this year ended up being pretty special. It started with a trip up to Harrogate (two hours each way) to have a grandparents day lunch with Matthew at his school. When they lived nearby, I usually managed to do this for his pre-school - he's in first grade now. As it turned out, Bev was busy, I had the morning and early afternoon free, and what better way to spend it than sloppy joes at school with Matthew (Bev doesn’t like them so it’s been years since I’ve had one). Turns out, Matthew is just as smart as I always considered him to be, as he took his lunch and had a piece of string cheese, a ham & cheese sandwich, and some grapes. I had the school lunch of sloppy joe, green beans, and spiced apple all from a can and some cold undercooked criss cross potatoes. It's nice to know some things never change - I could have closed my eyes while eating and it would have been 50+ years ago :-).

But it was wellworth the trip to share the event with him, spend time visiting with his mom, dad, and sister and it was a beautiful day for a drive in rural East Tennessee.

After getting back in town, we got cleaned up headed over to our friends, David and Laurie, home for a wonderful birthday dinner of meat loaf (my request), my first ever roasted brussel sprouts, salad, and artisan bread for dunking in olive oil. It was later topped off with warm pralines and peach pie ala mode served on the candlelit screened porch. Of course, the best part was visiting with and getting ever more aquainted with our new friends. It was a great evening and meal and I was to busy enjoying myself to remember pictures - thanks David and Laurie for helping me celebrate.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and have a super day.



  1. Happy birthday! It's so sweet that you got to spend your day with your grandson...he's a cutie! And then a dinner of your request, followed by a night with friends? Sounds like one great day, Cheers!

  2. A big happy birthday Larry. How wonderful that you got to spend it with your grandson and then ended it with your friends. Curiosity has the best of me - did you like the brussel sprouts?

  3. Happy Birthday Larry! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Mine is coming up soon. I've got you by one year.

  4. Happy Birthday, Larry.... So--you are one year from Medicare... We are on Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield --and right now, we have the best insurance we have EVER had.... BUT--with Obamacare, who knows what we'll get and have to pay next year... Scary!!!!!

    Glad you got to spend some time with your little grandson.. What a cutie --both of you!!!!! OH YES---I remember those school lunches (even though I try not to).. ha

    Glad you enjoyed your visit with special friends also.

  5. What a great way to spend your birthday - I would love to have a treat like that for my day. Happy Birthday to you, Larry!

  6. Happy Birthday Larry. Sounds like you had a fabulous little day! I went to a small little country school. My class had 8 kids. Our school lunches were pretty darn good.

  7. Happy Birthday, Larry. It sounds like you are surrounded by people who love you
    and want to celebrate your arrival among us. It was nice of you to pop in :-). Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Happy Birthday Larry! Hope you have many, many more...
    What a perfect way to celebrate the day. :)

  9. Belated Happy Birthday - what a great way to celebrate. Special time with your grandson, then more special time with your beloved Bev and some great new friends (and good food too).

    Sending care, love and huggles to you and Bev from Michelle and Zebbycat in a very windy Wellington, downunder!

  10. Laurie & David here! Your welcome, Larry! The pleasure was all ours! It was a beautiful day & evening!! Happy we could share part of "your special day" with you & your lovely wife Bev. You both have been such good friends to us "Northerner's" & by doing so, have made our move here to East TN, a sheer pleasure! Thank you! Happy Birthday once again.

  11. Thanks everyone for the BD wishes.

  12. Happy Birthday!!!
    I wish I could spend more time with my grandpa. He lives in Florida. You should have more fanfare with your birthdays. Next year you could do a Tapas (sp) party and start bringing out crazy stuff like geritol and ensure and really throw them for a loop. After they have drank their ensure and ate their jello then bring on the good cooking thatI have seen on your blog. What a hoot. Of course you can't see the scene in my mind but trust me it's funny especially if you act a little nutso while doing it. Like it's normal. Larry you look pretty good and get around like a younger guy so don't be afraid to have fun with your birthdays. Congrats. I hope I can be around to wish you another next year.

  13. Happy Birthday, Larry! What a perfect way to celebrate it too. I'm not sure who looks prouder in that picture, you or Matthew.


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