Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Last Day In West Virginia

As Bev requested, after our 10 hour drive the previous day, we spent another day at my aunts camp and, after our morning walk, spent most of the day sitting on the porch and watching the leaves float down the river - and of course visiting a little. Aunt Barb insisted on making me breakfast and I’m sure glad I agreed. The maple sugar link sausages were delicious.

We did make a little trip to the neighborhood I grew up in for some of Colasessanos famous pepperoni buns to bring home with us frozen. Then I drove by the house I grew up in.

Back then, it had ugly tan, asphalt shingles and the front porch was all wood with a wood banister. The roof to the left is the garage apartment on the same lot where my grandparents lived - one of the best things in my life was growing up next door to Grandma.

Then I drove by my first school, grades 1 thru 9 – we didn’t have kindergarten or pre-school as it was Mom’s job to provide training until 1st grade. The school is still in service and the grade school (red building grades 1-6) was really old when I started there 59 years ago, and it had a school bell that actully rang and could be heard thoughout the community - my walk to school was about 2 blocks. The light building was the much newer junior high (grades 7-9) - it's set up differently now.

After our short trip and more sitting on the porch and visiting, Barb cooked a supper of turkey and dumplings from a surprise she had in the freezer. The dumplings were Bisquik, but the broth had been made from a wild turkey carcass containing lots of meat. I’d never eaten wild turkey and it was delicious – sorry no pics.

And for our final WV meal, we met the cousins for breakfast at a diner by the interstate about a mile from my aunt’s camp. It’s called DJ’s 50’s and 60’s Diner and it is very much in the period inside and out. This is the outside.

This is half of the inside with the other end having a counter and stools facing the kitchen. It has lot’s of Elvis memorabilia and food names.

My breakfast was called All Shook Up and contained home fries, sausage pattys, cheese and eggs. It was delicious and definitely my kind of breakfast - looks alot like what I cook at home doesn't it?

After breakfast and an enjoyable six day visit to "West Virginia - Almost Heaven", it was a nice, uneventful, 7 ½ hour, drive back home to Almost Heaven South. Hope you enjoyed my trip and thanks for stopping by.

Fall (my favorite season) has finally arrived with the next 5 days being sunny and temps of 70's daytime and 50's nighttime (40's this weekend) - it's about time to wrap up the garden, plant a few shrubs, and get everything ready for winter.


  1. You are really reliving your childhood during this trip! Sometimes it's fun to go home again. This 60s diner looks so cute! Those things are few and far between these days.

  2. I love the breakfast shots, two perfect looking breakfast meals if you ask me. I don't think I've ever had wild turkey either. Where I grew up in Kansas, there were only a few hunting licenses granted for turkey each style. Love seeing the house you grew up in and the school. Nice post Larry.

  3. I love diners. Both breakfasts look fantastic... I am starving now!

  4. It's nice that you can go home. Because my parents thought staying in one place for a year was an imposition on their free spirits, I'm never moving; my kids know I'm leaving my house toes up! Both breakfasts look good, just what I expect of our friend Larry, and that diner looks like a fun place!

  5. Hi Larry, I know you enjoyed going 'home'.... Glad you got to see your childhood home and your school. My childhood home as been renovated so much that it doesn't even look like the same house... I cry when I see it... AND--the school I went to has been torn down. SO--going 'home' is hard for me...

    Glad you had a wonderful trip... Now you can enjoy our gorgeous TN weather.

  6. That is such a cool trip, I can imagine the memories this must have evoked. It's weird seeing your childhood home and realizing someone else lives there now.


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