Friday, September 10, 2010

Leftover Greek Shrimp Omelet

I’ve had some pretty long posts lately, so thought a short one would be in order.

To make my shrimp stock the other day, I completely cleaned 2# of shrimp (so I could weigh the heads and shells) and went ahead and grilled them all for the Grilled Greek Shrimp dish a couple of days ago. As a result, we had several left over and I decided to put them to use for breakfast.

To compliment the Greek flavors, I sautéed a little red onion and black olives and then tossed the shrimp in for a quick warm up and dumped the mixture on half of a couple of awaiting eggs.

Folded it over, slid out onto the plate, topped with a little crumbled Feta, and sided with a lightly toasted piece of garlic bread left over from last nights dinner.

If you like the flavors of the shrimp, which I did, you’ll love the omelet, which I did.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Yum (thought I'd keep my comment short too) :-)

  2. Looks wonderful! It makes my toast and peanut butter look pathetic. :)

  3. Hey Larry,

    That looks pretty dog gone good to me. Only I'd do one of my favorite things and have breakfast for dinner. Love your composition of Greek flavors, that works for me.

    The setting in your main photo certainly does look just like a little bit of heaven. What a beautiful place, you're very fortunate.

    Thanks for stopping at my blog, I'm honored that you took the time. Listen, you still have time to submit a sandwich and win the contest. It ends on Sunday.

    Have a beautiful weekend. Keri

  4. Lynda - I like peanut butter on toast as well.

  5. Keri - Thanks for stopping by, but after looking at the entrys so far, they are way out of my league - but I would like to try them all.

  6. What's not to love about anything involving shrimp? Great breakfast, Larry.

  7. Thanks Marjie - these fresh shrimp are so good.

  8. Hi Larry, Omelet looks delicious.... WELL--guess I couldn't be a Greek though since I do not like the taste of black olives. Oh Well!!!!

    Have a great weekend. Hope we get some rain.

  9. Thanks for visiting Betsy - looking at Wunderground, it looks like the rains coming

  10. Now that is a fancy omelet! Hearty too. You nailed the flavor profile with the onions, olives, and feta.


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