Sunday, September 12, 2010

Faux Que & BBQ Day(s)

I'll bet you're getting worn out with New Orleans and shrimp dishes, so let's talk BBQ instead. This week I BBQ'd after a couple of months lay off and I was really busy, so I ended up cooking for 2 days. But before I get into the details, I heard this on TV awhile back and of course I more than agreed: The ultimate oximoron - "Fast Food Barbecue."

The "McRib" is referred to as Faux Que by real BBQ folks.

On day one, I cooked the items in the morning that I wanted to do around 275*, which included 60 chicken wing pieces, 10# chicken thighs, 10# chicken breasts, a turkey breast, and a 5# rib roast – cooked to 125* internal. We had a couple of pieces of chicken for lunch. These are the especially small but delicious thighs.

They didn't catch the light well, but these are the wings before and after saucing withthe last of my Anchor Bar (inventor of Buffalo wings) wing sauce. I buy jumbo wings for smoking and they are always very meaty. I was talking to the owner at the little place I buy my wings and he said 35 years ago wings were considered a throw away item in the chicken business and I remember as a kid, no one scrambled to get them at the dinner table.

The pic didn't capture how good the beef rib looked. This is about 2/3 of the roast piece I had available. It started at 5# raw and finished at 4#.

In the afternoon, I cooked 7 slabs of baby back ribs, 4 pork tenderloins, and 2 sausage chubs at 230*. I cooked the tenderloins and sausage at the lower temp to give them more time to absorb smoke flavor. I was visiting with friends and failed to get any picks of these - but they all turned out great.

Then, before I went to bed, I put 3 whole briskets, and 3 pork butts on at 225*, to cook overnight and be processed in early afternoon. The flats and pulled butts were for a church group’s dinner and for our supper. I chunked up the 3 brisket points to make into burnt ends for a friend who has a standing order. Here they are finished.

As I mentioned above, I had a bigger piece of rib roast than was ordered, so I fired up the smoker for a third day and cooked up the extra piece for dinner for three of us. I cooked it at 275* to and internal temp of 125*, tented, and rested for about 15 minutes. I sliced off an end for Bev, the middle for daughter, Wende, and I ate the other end. We sided it with our four remaining small potatoes, baked in the smoker, and Caesar salad.

Pretty tasty dinner if I do say so myself.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. What does Tim Allen say? Argh Argh Argh! You got my mojo going with all that Q. I love to put wings in my smoker then deep fry them afterwards. Yum I still need a few more go rounds with the brisket. Well done fellow Q-Man!!

  2. These were all for friends, but for ourselves, we smoke and freeze. Then when ready to eat, we thaw and either deep fry or grill briefly to reheat.

  3. Now you are making me regret that I cut my whole ribeye into all steaks, no roasts this time.

  4. A friend of ours fired up his smoker on Labor Day and for the first time, I actually got to see the inside of one and how it works. Just when I thought I might just have to get me one another friend a few miles away was smoking, caught a truck on fire in the driveway and ended up burning their garage and heavy smoke damage throughout the house. I'm not sure how the latter can happen. I don't know much about smokers and maybe should keep it that way?

  5. Chris - I've always cut the whole ones into steaks, but last time Bev suggest one roast and I'm glad she did.

  6. Oh the meat in those last two pictures makes my mouth water.... YUMMMMMMMM.... And it's only 9:45 a.m... Too early for dinner!!!! Geeshh....

    If I close my eyes, I can almost smell them cooking...

    Have a great day... We got 3 inches of rain... Yee Hah!!!!! NOW--it's cooler and gorgeous.

  7. Hey Betsy - It was delicious and we had 2" in our rain gauge this morning - finally a nice soaking rain. I love this 80*/60* weather.

  8. Larry, this all looks wonderful but what did you do with all that meat? Was this for a party? You continue to amaze me. I hope you and Bev are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. LA - Wow. What a terrible outcome from barbecuing. Remember, a smoker is just an oven with a smoky environment and you can easily use your grill for one. If I were only going to smoke something on occasion, I think I would use a a device with other uses.

  10. Thanks Mary - most of it went to friends and family.

  11. All that meat looks delicious - I just love hot wings, but usually broil them in the oven on a rack. When you grow up in a family of 7 kids - the wing (usually fried) was just the perfect sized piece for us little guys.

  12. Vickie - The smoked wings are similar to broiled except maybe not as crispy, but they have a smokiness added. I don't overcook them, then later I either deep fry or toss them on the grill for a few minutes to crisp the skin, then sauce as desired.

  13. Wow, the food has been rocking and smoking at your house. Awesome.

  14. Larry..I'm ssssoooooo hungry after viewing your prime rib!!! It looked absolutely beautiful & I'm now wondering why I even bother to cook dinner! We'll just come on over to your house each evening!
    Take care...Laurie

  15. Hey BD, after reading this post, I can see why you're a little picky, indeed! LOL you can cook your A** off!

    Another interesting travel log. Makes me want to go to NO. I have never been. Thanks for poppin in at S365. Look forward to more from ya'll soon. Keri


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