Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Cure Your Own Bacon

Bev wasn't here and I got busy but by 8:45, I realized I hadn’t eaten breakfast and decided to throw a little something together.

I first sliced off a couple of pieces from both the buckboard (BB) and Canadian bacon (CB) and got the BB frying in the skillet. I cooked it slow to give the fat time to render and crisp up some without over cooking the lean. When it was about ¾ done I added the CB, as all it needs is warming up or it quickly dries out.

When we pick asparagus, we put it in a glass of water and stick it in the frig until we’re ready to eat it. For this meal, I got out all of the thin pieces and got them prepped and tossed in the skillet along with the CB. Here’s a shot of this process – I cooked a couple of extra pieces of BB for lunch.

I then removed the bacon and added, you guessed it, a couple of eggs and some shredded cheddar for a little scramble.

The finished product.

The meal was outstanding and had I remembered we had English muffins that I could have toasted, it would have been perfect. In the blog where I described the curing process, I mentioned I wouldn’t change a thing, but after eating the CB fried, I would now soak it several hours, post cure, with a couple of water changes – it was just a little too salty and garlicky.

I had a little unfinished buckboard bacon business, and later I wrapped it up. I sliced it fairly thin on my little Oster meat slicer, put it in stacks of ten pieces, and froze them on a cookie sheet. Since there are various muscles running in different directions, I don't know if it matters which way it's sliced. When frozen, I put each stack in a Foodsaver bag and will have a few meals worth in each pack.

The title pic is of cherry blossoms here at Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Sounds wicked good, I'm just tuning in and haven't seen your home cured bacon. I'm going to go check that out right now.

  2. Your breakfast looked yummy, Larry... I wouldn't want my bacon too salty either. That's one reason I don't care much for country ham... I'll eat it--but not often.

    Have a great day!

  3. Dude you old softee you... look at that header!

    Great job!


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