Monday, April 19, 2010

Sirloin & Bean Burrito

Title pic - Along the little lane coming back to our house, there is a steep bank growing wild trilliums which continue to survive despite the mowings by the county road maintenace crews. For many years, Bev has been transplanting them into her woods flower garden to provide native beauty and ensure some survive. We always leave some in the original area to continue propagating there as well.

When Bev arose, I offered to take her out for breakfast and she said she’d rather just lounge around in her PJ’s and make us a burrito - my ears perked up. Like many others have posted lately, one of the great ways to utilize leftovers is to wrap them in a tortilla. We still had a little of the gilled sirloin in the frig from LINK and leftover beans, rice, and salsa from Mexican take out the previous night. This sounded like the makings of one of Bev’s world famous (or at least Almost Heaven South famous) burritos and I’d already been thinking along those lines before she got up. I’ve posted before about her willingness to go the extra mile to make a great, rather than just good, sandwich and she does the same with burritos.

She heated the rice, beans, and meat and stuffed the burrito.

Then added more salsa and cheese and nuked it.

Then the final topping of lettuce, green onion, jalapenos, and a little more cheese (for pretty).

Delicious as usual and we shared the two if them (1 1/3 for me & 2/3 for her).

Have a great day and thanks for reading my ramblings.



  1. Now that's how I like my burritos! So much stuff you need a knife and fork. Heh.

  2. Well, I can tell you didn't make them, no egg involved! ;-) These look wonderful with all that steaky and cheesy goodness. I don't think I've ever seen a trillium before.

  3. Ah, the magic of the microwave! My hubby always compliments me on making food pretty, too. Must be a girl thing.

  4. Wow---I'd eat those for DINNER.... Forget breakfast...They are good enough to be a dinner... I would like all of that except the jalapenos. I'll pass on that!!!!!


  5. I'm with Betsy....that's a fine dinner meal!

    You sure know how to rock the breakfast, Larry. I can't blame Bev for wanting to stay at home:)


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