Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pork Chops With Fennel and Capers Ala Giada

I regularly save recipes to try someday (mostly from you folks) and have been wanting to try one for over a month, but kept having trouble bringing it all together. Finally Sunday night, the stars lined up and I got the chance - here is her recipe and I followed it as close as I could. This is a shot of the cooking process before removing the meat and making the final sauce.

Here is my plate and I absolutely loved the sauce - first time to ever use fresh fennel. I think it would be good with chicken or fish as well, and while Bev and her sister just thought it was good, I absolutely loved the sauce (in case you missed it the first time). I’ll make it just as a pasta sauce and think it would be good with added sausage as a meat sauce.

Beverly added a little red pepper flakes to hers.

And now for a few shots of Almost Heaven South.

The yoshino cherry has done it’s thing and now it’s time for what I believe is a Kanzan (Kwanzan). They are the two pink things beyond the white dogwoods - this is looking to the right as I head for the mailbox. Nice blue sky this day.

This is a little closer - the yoshino is to the left and when it drops it's blooms, it looks like it's snowed.

I love the blooms as they look like groupings of small pink carnations - about golf ball sized - title pic is another grouping of them. There was a gentle breeze so I had trouble getting a real clear shot.

If you haven't and get the opportunity to visit D.C. when the cherries are in bloom, it's worth the trip. They're pretty on TV but spectacular live.

Looks like we might get a few apples this year.

Lea Ann over at Mangos, Chili and Z has a blog spot she calls "Just Grilled" and this time did one on Big Dude. If you want the dirt on me and to visit a great blog, stop by there.

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  1. Those pork chops look great! Giada has great recipes

  2. I love your pork chops. They have a real Mediterranean flair. I envy you your cherry trees. they are really spectacular. Have a fabulous day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Hi Larry.....Your pork chops look delicious... AND your blooms are fabulous... Isn't Spring wonderful???

  4. Love this recipe. I like fennel and need to train myself to use it more. Will be keeping this one to try. Beautiful spring photos. We're finally seeing some buds on our trees and the Willows are greening up.


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