Monday, April 26, 2010

Living High On The Hog In St. Maarten

If you are a regular reader, you may remember Bev and her sister, along with another friend, spent the week at the beach in Mid March, while I held down the fort. They actually went to Sint Maarten, which is the Dutch part of a Caribbean Island- the other part is the French Saint Marten. Below are some pics of one of their favorite activities – watching the daily boat parade. As it turns out there are some pretty nice yachts moored there – Victoria’s Secret’s and Oprah Winfrey’s to name two. I’d just like to be able to afford the fuel for one, not to mention the full time crew – it’s hard to believe some folks have so much monetary wealth. Here's a shot of the beach where they stayed.

Obviously they don't know about the concept of "what happens in Sint Maarten, stays in Sint Maarten."

And now for the boat parade beginning with the dingy's.

Then moving up to the big boats.

And finally the one with the helicopter ferrying back and forth - sorry about the quality, but I had to show this baby. I'm not sure the power ball lotto winner could afford it.

For some reason, I'm thinking my el cheapo pontoon boat would not fit in too well with this group, but I still enjoy puttering around the lake on it. I guess you figured out it wasn't Bev and friends I was referring to in the title.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.



  1. Do you know who owns the helicopter yacht? It amazes me that Oprah has time to visit her yacht. Love the photo of the ladies and "him". I'd be showing that one around too!

  2. Don't know who owns the big one but wish they were my best friend. Probably one on the banking guys who made billions.

  3. Hey! How'd you sneak a picture of my yacht? Darn. Guess my secret is out now...

    Oh and don't you know, every woman needs a "cabana boy" on a beach vacation.

  4. The internet is amazing and after a little looking I'm sure this is the 377' Pelorus owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich - he also owns a 288' one and will take delivery of a 560' one in 2010 - it will be the worlds largest and cost about $1.2 billion - shoot I thought it be expensive.

  5. It really looks like they had a great time. I hope you are both having a good day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Oh my! Those are quite the boats. I think you are right, the Power Ball winner does not have much on the last boat with the helicopter.

    The island is beautiful. No doubt the girls had a wonderful time.

  7. Yeah, it might not handle the wake too well :)

    (HA HA my word verification is: "shiptice"

  8. George and I took a honeymoon cruise in 2001. We went to the South Caribbean--and St. Maarten was one of our stops... That is a gorgeous place.

    I'm not sure George would want me down there with a couple of girlfriends... ha ha ha ...



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