Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blackened pork Chops Ala Dave

We had some thick cut pork chops in the frig that I planned to use for a Giada recipe, but we’ve had trouble getting to the store to buy the ingredients, so I went to plan B. Bev especially likes blackened meat and the times we’ve tried it, we’ve been dissatisfied. After reading Dave’s blogs on the subject over at My Year On The Grill, I realized I’ve not been considering it a cooking process - so we tried it his way. Since it was in the mid 80’s outside and I didn’t want to add more heat to the house or trash the stove, I cooked it outside on the grill, using the side burner to blacken it and the grill as an oven to finish it. I pretty well did as Dave directed - one tbsp of butter and tsp blackening per chop, then inserted a probe and finished it the oven (grill), except I only cook mine to 145* internal – we like our pork to be a little pink. Here are a couple of shots of the cooking process.

And since the grill was on, we still have several of the large ugly sweet potatoes to use up, they go well with pork, they’re nutritious, and Bev said she really liked what I had done the last time – no brainer. All I did was peel and cut into about ¾” slices and parboil until nearly done. I then, coated them with olive oil, sprinkled on a little Tiger seasoning, S&P and grilled until I got a little char. When I took them up, I added a pat of butter and served them up. For the true Southerner’s, a little brown sugar would have probably gotten involved.

Here’s my plate.

Everything worked very well, especially the cooking process. The only negative was that my blackening seasoning was old and left a lot to be desired. I’ll make up a fresh batch and try again.

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  1. It's nice of you to name a cooking technique especially for Dave! I love sweet potatoes, too, and I do sprinkle mine with brown sugar. Hubby had never had them that way before I found him, and now he won't eat them any other way!

  2. Man when I saw those chops on Dave's blog, they inspired me too. I can't wait to try them soon. He did a great job explaining the process.

    Isn't it great that we all have something to offer?

    Yours look like they turned out perfectly, Larry.

  3. Blackened pork chops sounds wonderful. Please make a fresh batch of your seasoning and try it again. I know it will be great the next time around. I love the idea of placing sweet potatoes on the grill with olive oil-nice touch.

  4. When I lived in Louisiana and Texas, I had alot of great blackened meats.... Since then I have had none. Yours looks very good---and I'd love those sweet taters... Yum!

    Have a great Friday.

  5. Hey Dude, thanks for the shout out... I am very lucky that I have a wonderful "spice guy". I make my own Cajun/blackening rub, so mine is a little fresher than store bought.

    C|Glad you enjoyed the process, hope you can make it work... try it on some thin fish (like Talapia) where you don't finish in the oven... FILLEd with flavor

  6. Those grill marks make me drool! That looks fabulous! And I love making my own spice blends...great post :)

  7. The blackened pork chops look great! How do you make your blackening seasoning? I wouldn't mind trying these tonight!


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