Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 15 Rerun

Title pic - Along the little lane coming back to our house, there is a steep bank growing wild trilliums which continue to survive despite the mowings by the county road maintenace crews. For many years, Bev has been transplanting them into her woods flower garden to provide native beauty and ensure some survive. We always leave some in the original area to continue propagating there as well.

Our son flew in from Korea for his grandmothers funeral and since he reads my blog and likes my smoked meat, and asparagus, I decided to cook him the same meal I’d done on April 15 – except I remembered the English muffin this time. He didn’t say it was worth a 26 hour travel day, but he enjoyed it a lot.

Now that we’re past the funeral, hopefully things can settle down around Almost Heaven South and I like that the weather is a little more spring like – still have lots of outdoor chores to get done.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Great post, Larry. I love that Bev is transplanting wildflowers out of harms way - I've done that with the little wild pansys I find in the woods.

    Your breakfast looks delicious as always!

  2. The wildflowers have been going crazy around the roadsides here. I wish I had more sun in my little suburban lot but I like my trees too. How nice you made that meal for you son! Bet it was nice to see him though not under the best of circumstances.

  3. I'm sure your son LOVED that special breakfast. I know you and Bev were thrilled to see him --but I hate that it was under these conditions...


  4. You know he won't find that breakfast in Korea!

    Next time that they come back, you'll have to make them some kim chi, bulgogi, etc :)

  5. I've been wondering about all you've been going through these past days.


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