Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ain't Spring Great?

After just 2 days, I’m convinced March is coming in like a lion across the Southeast or at least here at Almost Heaven South. After taking the crocus picture on Mar 1 on a cool day, we had snow on Mar 2.

But I failed to go get one of the flowers sticking through the snow.

I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the week and it’s low 40’s for highs and 25 at night until the weekend when it’s supposed to get into the high 50’s – I’m ready. Assuming March will go out like a lamb, it’d better get my lawnmower blades sharpened up pretty soon.

The cold right now wouldn’t be so bad except we began smelling gas on Monday and realized our furnace had a problem and needed to be shutdown. Even though our HVAC guy was johnny-on-the-spot, we still spent Tuesday and Wednesday heating the house as best we could with some electric heaters and the downstairs fireplace – which has an insert with a fan – but I had to get up at 4am to stoke it up. I was surprised that it was still 62* in the upstairs living room when I got up Wednesday morning.

Since the furnace and inside a/c coil were both nearly 20 years old, rather than risk wasting money on a repair, we decided to replace it all with new higher efficiency units. They got it up and running late yesterday afternoon, so we have heat again and peace returns to Almost Heaven South.

Have a great day.



  1. I'm ready for spring, though I wouldn't say no to another snow day :)

  2. We're pretty spoiled by early springs down here (and then way too soon miserable summers) but I'm thinking this year that Mama Nature is gonna make all of us wait until just about the "official" first day of spring.

    I keep my heater turned pretty low at night - around 63 - so when I heard it kick on very early this morning, I knew it had to be pretty darned cold!

  3. Well we all 'gotta do what we gotta do'... Right??? Glad you got it all fixed.

    Our crocuses this year are just peeking out of the ground... There's NO color yet around here... BUT---it's going to warm up this weekend. Yeah!!!!!

    Have a great day and enjoy the SUNSHINE.

  4. Hello Big Dude! I almost feel guilty when I look at that photo. I'm bloggin from Socal. If it weren't for the crowds here I just might call it heaven. I love your blog and find we have lots in common. Bev's chocolate pie looks grand and I can't wait to give a try! Nice to meet ya!!!!

  5. Our igniter died this weekend too, but we could at least manually light the gas furnace. At least it's looking better for this weekend! Clear skies and relatively warm temps. I'm going to smoke a pork butt just to celebrate:)

  6. Welcom Kathleen and thanks fofr reading


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