Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Supper At Almost Heaven South

Sunday, it was a Valentines Day supper for me and my girls – wife, daughter, granddaughter, sis-in-law, and mother-in-law – am I a lucky man or what? I’ve been wanting to cook Beef Wellington for a while and thought we might for Valentines day, but we ended up with too big of a diversity of meat doneness desires, so I just grilled some steaks instead. I had a nice piece of filet that I cut into three steaks for those that prefer them and cooked a strip for Wende and me. I just put some salt, pepper and Tiger seasoning on them.

I cooked them for 2 minutes per side over direct heat then 3-6 minutes per side indirect to achieve the various doneness levels. Here they are after resting and ready for plating.

For side dishes, we had a salad ala Beverly (she takes the time to make the best salads around) and mashed potatoes ala Da Cajn Critter from Dave’s post over at My Year On The Grill. I really liked the ingredients list and they turned out very good except I got them a little too garlicky for some taste – I ran the cloves through the garlic press and estimated the amount. Wende did the mashing and sure made them look good.

We also made a bowl of plain ones for Alex and for leftovers but I ended up mixing them all together – I feel some serious potato cakes coming on.

Here’s a pic of my plate – I obviously like mine medium rare.

To complement the beef it was a choice of V. Sattui Cabernet or Zinfandel - we actually drank the Zin while cooking and the Cab with dinner.

Since this was bread day, we also had it hot-out-the-oven with dinner, and for dessert, Bev made some iced cinnamon pecan rolls using her bread and a stuffing and icing recipe from Recipezaar. I forgot to get photos, but they were tooooo good.

The title photo is a passing snow shower Sunday afternoon with nice big flakes. Not enough to lay, but it was pretty falling.

I finally got around to putting up a picture of myself with my profile – hopefully it won’t scare anyone off.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments.



  1. I thought about getting the Weber out of hibernation and cooking steaks yesterday, but didn't. These steaks look fabulous and I'm going to be craving a good steak for sure. Thanks Larry

  2. Nice looking plate. I love mashed potatoes and steak. We didn't get snow until about 5 am this morning. Wacky weather here this weekend.

  3. And they are lucky to have you at the grill, Larry! Few ladies could resist, not giving a grillmaster like you a kiss of thanks.

    The grill is to Valentine's, as mistletoe is to Christmas....

    I'd like mine medium-rare please... and I promise to hold the kiss!

  4. Mmm - hard to go wrong with meat n taters, Larry. Good post and it's good to put a face with your blog!

  5. You are a lucky man with that gaggle of girls. Love the plating, and I have the same problem with the doneness variance... You try to talk them into trying it correctly, but it just doesn't work. Think about pork wellington next time.

    And thanks for the shoutout about the taters. I happen to love garlic, so for my tatstes... never enough

  6. we had steaks last night too. Looks great!

  7. That was some lucky gals if you ask me Larry! Looks like a perfect dinner.


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