Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surf And Turf At Almost Heaven South

We are finally having the special meal we’ve been planning for several days. Bev and her sister have had a very hectic last week or so with their mom in the hospital and Wende has had a birthday and started a new job after 13 months without – this is exciting. Sounds to me like a good reason to cook surf n turf, so we whipped up some steaks and king crab legs, along with baked potato wedges and salad. I had gotten the steaks out of the freezer a couple of days ago and three nice crab legs today for the three of us I thought would eat them, but on the way home from school I asked Alex and she advised she loved crab – yet another surprise from the weird eater. When I showed them to her and asked how many she would eat the answer was three – I don’t think so, but decided to cook the whole package just in case. Since she can’t eat the steak due to her braces, I didn’t want to run short on the crab, plus I have breakfast plans for any leftovers. She did her part and we barely have enough left for my breakfast plan.

I just grilled up the steaks to medium / medium rare – choice of strip or rib eye – and steamed the crab legs. I considered grilling the crab legs, but I’d never done it and didn’t want to risk messing up the meal. After steaming, I cut down thru them with the kitchen shears from our knife set and served them up with melted butter. The steaks were seasoned with Tiger seasoning, salt and pepper – I forgot the pat of butter again. Bev was the potato cooker and after cutting into wedges, she dried them, tossed in olive oil, sprinkled on some dry ranch dressing mix and baked them. We added a salad and decided to pass on bread since we already had more than enough.

Here are the steaks ready for the grill – the big strip in front is mine.

Steaks a cooking - the one that looks done already is for the sister-in-law who likes hers medium.

The finished products.

My plate.

I thought everything was great and even liked the potatoes done that way. It was worth waiting a few days to enjoy.

The title picture is our wisteria - spring is coming, but a little more winter predicted for the weekend.

Have a great day.



  1. I've never grilled crab legs either. I suppose it would work fine, but I'm thinking steaming is the way to go. I like the idea of those potato wedges. I'm going to give those a try. I'll be looking forward to your breakfast idea.

  2. Larry, what a terrific dinner to celebrate & comfort your family's busy week. Crab legs are one of my favorites, that I order out. Your method sounds foolproof and I bet they were delicious.

    Congratulations to your daughter's new job...

  3. Hey, Larry next time there's a me. I'll do a second-line for steak and crab legs!

    Who Dat!

  4. Wow Larry... I do like your breakfasts---but this dinner sounds fabulous...

    Anytime you need someone to sample your meals--just let me know. I'll tell you whether they are good or bad. ha ha


  5. I have done crab legs on the grill and they came out so much better than steamed. Since they are already cooked, you are only trying to warm them, so I just nested them in foil as the Egg cooled down from grilling steaks. They come out with a nice roasted flavor.

  6. Wow. Last night: surf and turf, potato wedges and a salad. Tonight: a cup of couscous with heated up sausage in it. My dinners here at my house are so much different from the ones at your house.

    And thanks, George! I'm very excited about my job. :)


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