Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Potato Pancakes At Almost Heaven South

Unless you’re a first time reader here, you probably know I love breakfast food. For Valentines Day (see Mondays post) we had some mashed potatoes that just begged to be made into breakfast potato pancakes – and so they were. Bev, and maybe many others, add flour and/or egg to help them hold together better, but my mom didn’t and so neither do I. I just form them into patties, and cook fairly hot in a butter/olive oil mix and develop a good crust that will hold them together pretty well, if handed gently. I still had a little smoked pork tenderloin in the frig, so I diced up a couple of slices and added it to one of the potato cakes.

I’d mentioned in Mondays post that I’d gotten the potatoes a little garlicky, but after mixing the batch without garlic back in with them, they were perfect. Here they are in the skillet before and after turning – I gave the big perfect looking one to Bev so she wouldn’t say I told you so about the flour/egg addition (hey - I’ve learned a little something in my 63 years).

For mine, I just fried up a couple of sunny side up eggs and topped each cake with one.

Then I busted the yolk, spread it all over the top and enjoyed them immensely – I believe I preferred the plain one better than the one with pork. The best part is that we still have a pretty good bowl full in the fridge.

The title photo is a passing snow shower Sunday afternoon with nice big flakes. Not enough to lay, but it was pretty falling.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments.



  1. Look at those perfect eggs. I'm a big breakfast person...there's a house up the street from me for sale...I'm just sayin.

  2. Larry, I'm with you & Lea Ann ~ breakfast is my favorite meal, so many times I eat it twice a day ~ morning & night!

    I just so happen to have some twice baked potatoes left over from the other night and will mash them up and make your potato pancakes. I would love to try and duplicate your perfect 'sunny-side up' eggs, also.

  3. Funny Lea Ann - I often feel the same way when I see others posts.

    George - I cook them in a non stick skillet with a little oil, over medium heat, and most importantly with a lid - so the top will steam done.

  4. I love these and it's been awhile since I've had enough leftover mashed potatoes to make them.
    I never thought about serving them for breakfast with eggs. Looks delicious!

  5. Being as I am of Polish decent..I ahve heard of folks using mashed potatoes for this like you did. I make them diferently, actually grate up several potatoes, chop and onion up mix all together...then add a few tbls spoons of flour until a nice pasty mixture...then spoon them into the butter/EVO and fry...nothing but heaven.

    I have been reading your blog and truely enjoy it.


  6. Catching up, Larry. We called them 'dippin' eggs--but it was the same thing. YUM.. When I order them now in a restaurant, I ask for "OVER EASY"...

    Your Valentines Dinner looked wonderful --especially those steaks. AND I would like your potato pancakes.

    Guess you know now that we went back to DeSoto State Park in AL this past weekend. I'll be posting lots of pictures from that area soon. Did you all ever go there?


  7. That's a great post for morning after Fat Tuesday mardi Gras partyers

  8. Larry, that breakfast looks fabulous. I love making potato pancakes from the night before mashed potatoes-Delicious. I never thought to top them off with fried eggs. Yum!

    Those eggs looks darn fresh. The yolk is golden and sits high on the whites. Beautiful.

  9. I haven't had mashed potato patties in YEARS! What a fun post.

  10. I need to go make a butt load of mashed potatoes just to have enough left overs to make some of these.


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