Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Even A Yankee Can Fall For Grits

I couldn’t stand it any longer. George, over at A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse… keeps posting about cooked ground corn and I just had to have some for dinner last night. Bev had suggested the leftover pork loin from our Superbowl party and some asparagus from the frig and after George’s posts, I suggested we had to have grits of some sort. It turned out to be just quick grits with some cheddar cheese stirred in it but it hit the spot for me. His a pic of my plate and as you can see, I prefer mine to be a little runny - hence the bowl.

Everything was delicious and I had to have a second helping of grits for dessert while I pondered why I don’t have them more often when they’re so easy to cook.

But what about breakfast food you ask, fear not. For breakfast this morning, I added a little milk, some diced Czech sausage and nuked it for a couple of minutes, then stirred well and topped with a fried egg.

Definately a good way to start the day. I had fried cornmeal mush and scrapple as a kid, but never grits until I moved south - I'm now a big fan.

Wednesday is BBQ day, so I put this beer can chicken pic in the title block to get me in the mood.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments and suggestions.



  1. That George is starting to be a bad influence! :-) Looks yummy!

  2. I think you may be right - that's two meals in a week he's inspired.

  3. Larry, I wish you and Bev were neighbors, because I would be over every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. You have taken the simple grit and made it "king of the kitchen".

    I am so glad that I could be "that bad influence" for both you & Bev and my dear friend Lea Ann... I do try to uphold my reputation! And y'all do a great job of it to with your delicious post.

  4. YUM! Your Super Bowl spread looked delish ~ as does the pork, grits and asparagus, and the grits with egg scramble... and the beer can chicken!! and... me who's on a diet stops by to check out your blog and you're clogging my arteries just looking at the pictures. LOL Thanks for sharing!!

  5. That's for stopping by Mel - I often suggest Lipitor with my meals.

  6. Even though I am a southern girl, I have never cared too much for grits. I guess if they are doctored up --with butter, cheese, sausage, etc. I would like them. BUT--they are not something I have ever made.. (For the record, I'm not too crazy about rice either!)

    Have a good, rainy day!

  7. I have never made grits and I have to ask myself why not? They look delicious and I know they are easy to make. I'm sure I would enjoy them even if hubby doesn't! :)

  8. Grits make me happy! The ones at Puleo's Grille changed how I see grits years ago. I fell in love with stone ground thick grits as a serious side dish.

    Nice looking plate there, I like the asparagus and that egg bowl is just spectacular! Great job.

  9. Grits make me happy too. I like them with salt, pepper and LOTS of butter. Mmmmm ... yer makin' me hungry for grits now!

  10. I love grits! Have you made them with gouda and green chiles? Oh my! Love your blog. I'll be back.


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