Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally - Blue Sky

After so many days of dreariness, I couldn’t resist the urge to take these three pictures of nothing more than blue sky.

The other day was bread day at Almost Heaven South and I ask Bev to make up some small buns for a variety of uses, one of which was breakfast sandwiches.

I decided on a scrambled egg sandwich and discovered some Boursin Cheese which I spread on the split bread before toasting a little. The result was simple but very good.

Have a great day and I enjoy your comments



  1. Boursin and scrambled eggs on fresh home made baked call that simple? I call that heaven.

  2. Larry, I can see why you call it "Almost Heaven South". You & Bev should start a bakery, because those buns are heavenly. And that egg-Boursin cheese sandwich is definitely food for the gods.

    Like you, I am glad that the weather here in the south is finally getting back to normal. The weekend is suppose to be sunny & warmer in the 60's. But I see rain is back on Monday, so keep a few of those buns for another great breakfast sandwich.

  3. Nice! You gotta love sunshine in February! And a beautiful breakfast sandwich makes it that much better.

  4. What was that big BALL in the sky, Larry????? Since we hadn't seen the sun since Jan. 31---I had forgotten what it looked like!!!! The sunshine yesterday and today is MARVELOUS.

    Your egg 'sandwich' looks wonderful!!!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE Boursin cheese and scrambled eggs.

    It's 55f here today....can you believe it? I might have to put some shorts on if it gets any warmer;)

  6. I love Boursin cheese too! It is almost 60 here in The Ham today - It is a welcome change!


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