Sunday, February 7, 2010

Corned Beef And Veggies Two Ways

Early last week, George Gaston over at A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse…, posted about corned beef hash and I’ve been thinking about it since. The meals finally worked out to be able to cook the homemade corned beef I’d froze last summer – still have one more for St. Patty’s Day.

I just put it in the crockpot, covered with water, added some additional pickling spices and off we went. A couple of hours before serving Bev added some carrots, and potatoes for the supper meal, but I was still thinking hash – remember, I love breakfast food. We normally add cabbage as well, but I didn’t want the flavor in my hash. This is my supper plate.

Supper was really good and perfect for a cold rainy evening.

And now for breakfast the next morning. Bev did the cooking for the hash and used the meat, potatoes, and some carrots from dinner. She started by sautéing some onion and green pepper, then added the other veggies, and meat. She seasoned with garlic salt, black pepper, and smoky paprika. Almost forgot, she tossed in a couple of diced green chile’s that had been waiting in the frig for a good use. Hash is a little like vegetable soup – just add what you like.

My plate prior to eggs – she shredded a little cheese on top of the hash as you can see.

My plate after eggs.

I just cut the eggs into the hash and it was delicious. Now I’m looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.

Have a great day and enjoy the big game if you're watching.



  1. Larry ~ you and Bev have really surpassed my hash. Yours is true to the meaning of using leftover ingredients and making it your own.

    I wish I were there for both the dinner the night before and this morning hash. It doesn't get much better than dining on delicious home cooking.

    Thanks for the "nod" and enjoy the day...

  2. I've decided, you are the King of Breakfasts. Your hash looks to die for.

  3. I bookmarked George's hash recipe too. Can't wait for the markets to start putting corned beef on sale, I'm going to go wild. By the way, between George's hash and his pot party post...there's gotta be a good joke hiding in there somewhere.

  4. Man---you all really do eat well.... YUM... Some of my favorite foods. Hope you don't have cholesterol or blood pressure problems... I have to be so careful about eating some of these fav's....

    Stay warm and dry today... It's dark and dreary up here.

  5. That hash looks great! You cook great breakfast. I need to come over and take some lessons - breakfast is not my strong point. Thanks for the recipe!


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