Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chili Pie On A Rainy Day

We made chili last weekend and had just enough left over in the fridge for a nice 12” chili pie and it was the perfect meal for a rainy evening. Bev did the cooking and her process was to heat up the 12” cast iron skillet in the oven. While it was heating, she made up a batch of her cornbread and doctored the chili by adding some canned corn and a small can of green chili’s. When the skillet was ready, she poured the cornbread mix into the bottom, then added the chili on top of it and back into the oven it went. When the cornbread floated to the top and was almost done she topped with some shredded cheddar and jack cheeses and back into the oven to melt – she actually let it get almost crispy, which we both liked.

This is my first serving and we both agreed it was her best ever chili pie – I think it was the green chili’s, she normally just uses the chili as is. I sided mine with a second smaller helping.

When I got ready for breakfast the next morning I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather have than left over chili pie and it was still very good - maybe should have put a fried egg on top. Hum.

Title photo is 12 year old grand daughter, Alex, from last summer.

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  1. I want some of that chili pie for breakfast! I bought a cast iron skillet this fall and have loved using it. I need to start using it for some of these oven meals. Tell Bev this looks wonderful. Are you suppose to get snow?

  2. Forecast says chance of snow showers, but since it's already in the high 30's, looks like a little more rain to add to the several inches we've had since Thur evening. If our power didn't go out with every snow, I would like to have gotten a foot or so.

  3. Larry, now this is some great eating!

    I have my great-grandmother's old iron skillet, so skillet cornbread with chili always are served together, but putting it all in the same pan is brilliant.

    I am definitely doing to follow Bev's method ~ Thanks

  4. Hi Larry, I love Chili Pie... Yours looks incredible.. Mixing cornbread with Chili and Cheese is my idea of a fabulous meal!!!!! Yum!!!

    We have a little more snow here this morning--just a dusting but pretty.

  5. wow..that looks good to me.. my kids love pies especially those with lots of chicken fillings...

  6. Dang that sounds good Larry and yeah, even better for breakfast!!!!

    Snow? I saw some tiny pieces about noonish. The rest was just rain. That's okay, the grey ugly day just made the two male cardinals in my back yard look even more brilliant as they watched me cooking ribs. I think they wanted some.

  7. That sounds SO good! I wish I had some for dinner tonight.

  8. It doesn't get any better than good old fashioned chili pie! Your wife's version looks and sounds yummy! You have a very pretty granddaughter. Thanks for giving us a face to go with the name. :)


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