Thursday, November 26, 2020

Reuben Sandwich

I may have posted about these before, but they were too good not to post again but let me digress first.  My girls go to Marco Island once a year to lay around at our time-share and one of our favorite places to eat is Hoot’s in part because they make their own bread.  I love their rye and if you order in advance, they will bake you a loaf for ten bucks – equivalent to two normal loaves and well worth it to me – so Bev always brings one home.  We cut it in halves with one of them going in the freezer and the other always devoted to Reuban sandwiches.

In addition to the great bread, our sandwich included Dietz & Watson corned beef, baby swiss cheese, real deal kraut from the Mennonite Market, and Ina Garten’s (recipe) 1000 Island dressing.  I prewarmed the meat and kraut in the microwave then built the sandwich (1/3 lb. of meat on each) and grilled them in a skillet with a lid.

It was very good and if we had used great corned beef, it would have been a great sandwich.  I need to get back into making my own corned beef as it is so much better than the deli version.

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11/23/20 meal date


  1. Larry, That is great looking rye bread! Hard to find around here for sure... That sandwich is one of my favorites except I leave off the 1000 Islands dressing and substitute a spicy mustard. For some reason, Laurie isn't into corned beef but she'd kill for a good hot pastrami! Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving... Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  3. Our Executive Chef at Culinary School told us "It's your job to get great ingredients, and then try not to ruin them" You'd make him proud with this one Larry. How fun to find all of those specialty items for a great sandwich. I'll have to try that Thousand Island dressing recipe. Sure wish I could find real deal kraut like this. I'm afraid I'd have to take a drive back to Kansas for that one.

  4. Always a favorite love thousand island this is perfect

  5. I love a good reuben sandwich and now I am craving one. Yum!


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