Thursday, October 1, 2020

Crappie Puttanesca

A year ago, we made SwordfishPuttanesca using an adapted recipe from Proud Italian Cook and we loved it so we decided to try it with another fish – our favorite lake crappie.  I used the same recipe as for the swordfish but increased everything by 50% to have some leftovers.  Rather than repeat the recipe here, just click on the above link.

I served it over small shell pasta, whereas I had used rice before.

The Verdict:

We thought it was very good but both Bev and I would have preferred rice again with this type of sauce.  I also thought the full flavors of the sauce overwhelmed the very mild crappie, so we’ll stick with swordfish if we make it again.

And of course, I had to try some leftovers for breakfast by heating some of the leftovers in a small skillet until simmering.  I made two wells in the left over pasta & puttanesca and dropped a small egg into each one then covered with a lid to cook.

As expected, it was very good but as with the mild crappie, I could hardly tell the egg was in there.

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9/29/20 meal date


  1. Larry, I prefer my crappie pan surprise to you. Leftover crappie with a fried egg would be lovely! You have indeed entered a new parallel universe with your breakfast crappie puttanesca creation! I bow before the master of all things breakfast... Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  2. Sometimes fish has just too delicate of a flavor for some sauces. The think the swordfish stands up well because of its meaty texture.

  3. It makes sense that the swordfish holds up well with this sauce. I think I would prefer it over rice too. I love that you tried it with eggs too.


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