Friday, March 13, 2020

Pintos and Johnny Cakes

Bev made a big pot of pinto beans mostly for converting into re-fried beans to freeze but we needed to eat some for supper – just because they were there.  The beans were made using our normal method of cooking a country ham bone for several hours then using the broth for the beans.

But the main part of this post is about the cornbread with we usually make as cone pone in a cast iron skillet but we opted for something different this time.  I’ve been wanting to make Johnny Cakes, Hoe Cakes, cornmeal pancakes for a long time so this was the night.  After looking up several recipes, they were all basically just Bev’s cornbread with sugar added, which didn’t appeal to me. 

So we just used her cornbread recipe, without the sugar, and cooked them as small pancakes - about 3" diameter.

I laid three of the cakes on my plate, and topped with beans and chopped onions for a delicious good ole country meal. 

I really enjoyed the cornbread this way as it had a fluffier texture (pancake-like) but Bev didn't think they were crispy enough so next time I'll use plenty of oil in a hot pan.

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  1. That really does look good. I love corn in my pancake batter. That's how Mom did it when we were young. Jim thinks I'm really weird.

  2. Larry, It's been a long time since I've had Johnny cakes! I love them but Laurie doesn't like any kind of pancake. She might try these as they're really cornbread. We're into the home cocoon/sequestration as of today... Should be interesting. Take Care, Dave

  3. What a comforting and tasty meal.

  4. it just so happens that my doomsday shopping trip included a couple of containers of cornmeal. First of all I want to perfect creamy polenta, and I want to make corn muffins again. This sounds like a good opportunity to try corn cakes. So from what I read, you're just using the batter, with no adjustments and cooking them like pancakes? gotta try! And with some sausage ..... yum!

  5. I got stuck on your Sloppy Joe recipe... Used to love Sloppy Joes and haven't had one in a gazillion years... SO---I grabbed the recipe...

    BUT--this Pinto meal sounds SO good also!!!!! I love 'comfort' food --but it doesn't always love me!!!! ha

    Hope you are are staying healthy during these scary times. No Covid 19 cases in our county so far --but we are being very very careful through this Virus scare. We also are not panicking --and definitely not hoarding items/food, etc... People can be nuts at times like this.

    Stay healthy and safe.


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