Wednesday, May 3, 2017

RV Rally – Dillard, GA – Part Two

And to wrap up our RV rally in the North Georgia Highlands, this covers our afternoon museum visit which followed our morning stop at Goats On The Roof.

Some of you may remember the Foxfire books from the early 70’s that depicted life in the Southern Appalachians.  The “Foxfire Project” began when a teacher at the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School initiated a project to engage students in writing by publishing a magazine based on students' interviewing their relatives and local citizens about how lifestyles had changed over the course of their lives and dealt with traditions in the rural area.  The magazine began in 1966 and is still being published.

In 1972, the first of the twelve Foxfire books was published and in 1974, book royalties were used to purchase 106 acres for the museum.  Students relocated donated buildings to the museum where they were reassembled in a village like setting and they built others, such as the chapel, from period materials (last shot).  Unlike most museums that are in a building, this museum is the buildings located out in the woods.  The tour begins at the welcome center then proceeds up the hill to the village area.

They have one of about every kind of cabin you might have found in the southern mountains and while they were unlikely to have been clustered together like in the museum, it made it easy to visit them all.  While we were there, the weaver and broom maker were busy at their crafts creating items that could be purchased.

If you ever visit, the walk is short but strenuous up a root filled raw path but driving up to the village area is an option.  The fee is a mere $8 and it was the highlight of the rally for me so if ever in the area be sure to drive up on the mountain out of Mountain City for a visit and allow yourself a couple of hours for a good look.

That evening we ate at the Valley Café and it was pretty good – I had my annual meal of beef liver and onions as I can’t get it at home.

Our last day (Thu) was spent piled up in the coach just relaxing on a rainy day and we had a group meal of burgers, dogs, and leftovers.

As always, it was a fun rally and good to get together with the other club members.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


4/24- 4/28/17 Rally Dates


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and especially the museum.

  2. Interesting post! I enjoyed reading the Foxfire books years ago and I see the font on the cover is the same as the sign above. Looks like they did a great job of duplicating the village. I remember driving through Appalachia many years ago and the sights we saw. Definitely a different way of life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That would definitely be on my list if we ever get out that way again. Amazing what they've accomplished.

  4. You and my mother are the only two people I know who love liver and onions. It looks like a fun and interesting museum!

  5. What a cool place but not the liver and onions.

  6. Larry, Laurie's sister Karole loves liver and onions. It was a regular dish at home when she was growing up. It was in my house too but I didn't like it... Thanks for the info about the Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center. We have friends we need to visit in Big Canoe and we can make a mini trip out of it stopping in Helen GA and Foxfire as well. Thanks for the BBQ note too...pastrami and/or ribs are alway on our menu when we can get them! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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