Friday, December 30, 2016

Another Smoked Rib Roast And A New Family Addition

Per my last post, our Christmas dinner guest list was primarily friends, but son, Rhett, and his family came over from South Carolina on the 26th for a holiday visit and his meal request was for smoked beef rib roast (prime rib).  Since this is one of my favorite meals, I was only too happy to accommodate his desire.

Kroger's had their bone-on, choice, rib roast on sale for $6.99/lb earlier so we bought a four bone roast and let it hang out in the fridge for a week before cooking - the butcher had cut off the bones and tied them back on.

I didn’t have any of my special prime rib rub and since we have enjoyed Montreal Steak Seasoning on our steaks I decided to give it a try on the roast.  I didn’t want to cook it with the bones as it might affect how it cooked and they would need to be removed for the crust adding process to get it around the entire roast.  So I removed the curved bones, flipped them the opposite direction, and laid the curved side of the roast back on them, thereby creating a space between the bones and the meat.

I cooked it in the smoker at 225F to an internal temperature of 120F, then wrapped the roast in foil and placed in a pre-warmed cooler to rest until dinner time and the rib meat became a little appetizer - then the bones were simmered overnight for rich beef broth.

Fifteen minutes before meal time, the roast was unwrapped, placed on a rack in a pan and put into a 475F oven for 10 minutes and came out looking like this.

My shot didn't turn out so I borrowed this one from a previous cook and this years looked pretty much the same - except we had plain baked potatoes.  After several of these, I'm convinced that the reverse sear method is THE WAY to cook rib roast, whether in the oven or smoker.

It got rave reviews and Rhett said it was the best he ever ate.  It was smoky on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, and we thought the steak seasoning worked very well.  Even non-ribeye fan Bev said she loved it and non-beef eater Cindy couldn’t pass up eating (and loving) a couple of small pieces.  So I’d have to say it was a successful cook and it was great for Rhett’s crew to visit as the whole family, as it’s been awhile.

In other news, we have a new pup in the family and he looks like he will be a dandy.  He was a stray that someone found and he made his way to us.  We had him neutered, chipped and checked out so he is good to go – the vet guessed he was about a year old, so he shouldn't get bigger, and his breed(s) is anyone's guess - meet Romeo.

On a sad note (and it was sad), I endured watching my Mountaineers, with a 10-2 record, embarrass themselves in the Russell Athletic Bowl and I think their coach accurately summed up the game by saying that they were out coached and out played in all three phases of the game by Miami.  From my view, they get out coached pretty regularly.  Oh well, maybe Tennessee can handle Nebraska and I can enjoy one game.

Happy New Year To Everyone

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  1. Oh that Rib Roast looks amazing just the way I like it. It has been a long time since I enjoyed one.

  2. Romeo is one lucky dog!

  3. I fixed a rib roast last Monday for the first time (in the oven not smoked)and also used the Montreal Steak Seasoning on it. It was fantastic but next time I may try taking the bones off first. Ours were on sale for $4.99/lb and we found the smallest one they had but it was sooo good. Romeo is definitely a heart stealer. He is really a cutie. Happy New Year.

  4. First - let's address this adorable, beautiful little Romeo! He looks like a wonderful companion and is so pretty/handsome. I bet he is a lover! Next - oh my gosh that prime rib roast is the pretties I've ever seen! I am craving prime rib now and will make a trip to the store to see if they are on sale here too. The temperature is just right! Happy New Year to you and Bev!

  5. Well, Romeo is a darling. I'm glad another little friend found you so quickly. I hope he got to share the prime rib, too - scratch that, I know you share with the pups. It's great that you had time to spend with Rhett and his family. Happy New Year, Larry.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful meal, Larry! I like your idea of cooking the meat on top of the cut off ribs too. Your new little Romeo looks like he will be a fun character to have around. He's adorable!

  7. That is a perfectly cooked roast! Wow! Just the way I like it. What a sweet little pup you have. I'm sure he's going to be spoiled and very happy with you. Congrats and Happy New Year!

  8. We were just in K-town for 3 days and could smell your cooking through the (few) miles Larry! Wish someone could cook like you in my family and give me a nice delicious break! Happy 2017 to Larry and Bev!

  9. Our Kroeger stores (King Soopers) had the same sale, so I bought one for Christmas Eve - then son Sean announced he was no longer eating beef. :( It's currently in the freezer waiting for beef eating company. Seems like it's been a long time since you smoked! It looks incredible and perfect. Congrats to Romeo for finding such a wonderful family. Lucky him. Enjoy your new family member. Looks like there's terrier involved? Happy New Year Larry and Bev - It's our traditional Osso Bucco for tonight.

  10. Romeo is adorable and nothing much beats a rare rib roast! Happy New Year!

  11. Larry, Great looking rib roast! I've only had BBQ/Smoked rib roast once and that was at Jack Stacks in Kansas City. It was amazing! Romeo is a cutie and I'm sure that he already rules the roost at your place! I rooted for the Mountaineers to no avail. However Tennessee did pull out a nice win and the nemesis of Michigan State (one of them at least) was edged out by the Seminoles. Now if Ohio State would lose, it would be a great day! Wishing you and your entire household (plus Pat) a healthy and happy New Year! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie

  12. That prime rib looks AMAZING! I have never tried the reversed sear method... looks like I need to give it a go.

    What a face Romeo has!!!! I think your newest addition is adorable and I have a feeling he is going to be one happy boy! Sorry about your team... it's a bummer watching them not do well.

  13. Did Romeo get a rib bone? He looks like a cute little guy.


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