Monday, June 20, 2016

Finally A Name For The RV

Last year I made a stupid move and damaged two of the basement doors on our coach.  Two new doors, a paint job, and couple of thousand dollars later the repairs are made and we are readying the coach for a summer trip - I have absolutely got to quit making impatient mistakes or I'll soon be out of money for RVing.

We have been discussing naming our coach since we got it and no names have really inspired us until now.  The new coach name is Sweetie in memory of our recently departed Sweetie Pie and hopefully with such a name she will treat us well and have very few problems.

A second piece of good news involves our house sitter and now good friend Cindy who is becoming a member of the family by moving into our downstairs.  We really like her and believe this will be a win for all of us as she will save a lot of money by not renting and we’ll have a full time house-sitter. 

"Me and my girls" has just moved from a traveling situation to a full time one.

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  1. Ouch those mistakes can get costly.
    Now the full time travelling in Sweetie sure sounds like the way to got, now that you can free up the house.

  2. I'd imagine it's easier than one would think to miss noticing something down low and...uh oh! Here's hoping it doesn't happen again real soon. Great name for the coach.

  3. Larry, Hopefully"Sweetie" will bring you nothing but smooth sailing! Glad to hear that Cindy has found a new home with folks that really care about her... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Absolutely a perfect name for the RV! Cheers to SP. And congrats on that new house mate! Very cool.

  5. I love Sweetie. You'd better take good care of her now - no more oops. And more time on the road is wonderful. Thank you Cindy.

  6. I love the new name! Sweetie looks good as new. Congrats on the full time house sitter... time to get on the road!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful arrangement for everyone concerned. Hope "Sweetie" and the two of you have lots of happy memories together.

  8. I hate to hear that Sweetie Pie passed but what a great tribute!


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