Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oysters Rockefeller Topping As Leftovers

We had had some friends over for grilled oysters Rockefeller recently and I made too much of the spinach topping even for the five dozen oysters we scarfed down.  We used our normal recipe for the topping and with spinach, bacon, garlic and parmesan, it has to be good for other things – but first I mixed in a good bit more crumbled bacon.

We had recently bought a whole pork loin so I carved off five one inch thick chops, cut a deep pocket in them and stuffed lightly with the oyster topping – it had lots of flavor so I didn’t want it too thick.  I seasoned the outside with Lawrey’s as I thought I’d would go with the spinach flavors then grilled them to 140F on each side.

These shots are when they first went on the grill and after flipping.  

We served them up with a glass of white wine and creamed peas and new potatoes, both from the Mennonite community market about 25 miles down the road in Englewood.  I knew they were new potatoes and not just small ones because the skin was tender and I had to gently wash them to keep it from coming off.  For the cooking liquid, we used some rich homemade chicken stock then thickened with a milk and flour mixture.  As you can tell, no effort spent on presentation.

We had nothing else for the meal as we wanted to eat our fill of the peas – 2½ bowls for me.  Although we had a little too much liquid in them, they were delicious and for a gravy man like me, they were perfect.  My daughter Wende doesn’t like gravy which makes me wonder if I’m really her dad.

Bev had bought some medium sized Cremini mushrooms and we still had enough of the topping to stuff a dozen of them so when our neighbors came down later for a sit outside and visit, I grilled them over low heat and they were a major hit – sorry no pics.

Suffice it to say the oysters Rockefeller topping is very good in other uses – previously I’ve had it in eggs a couple of ways and it works very good there as well.

We also bought some strawberries from the Mennonite market and they actually tasted like they are supposed to taste – unlike the ones in the market which look great but have very little strawberry flavor (us old guys remember these things from the past).

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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5/23/16 meal date


  1. I love fresh peas from the market. I tried to grow some this year but we have some very pesky gophers. That is a very nice looking dinner. Bravo.

  2. Larry, Great filling for those pork chops! Bacon inside pork has to be a winner with the garlic, Parmesan and spinach rounding out the quartet... We haven't made it down to that Mennonite market yet this year. We must be slipping! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Looks and sounds so tasty. We are right in Mennonite country (as a Matter of fact Suzie is Mennonite) so get lots of good stuff in season.

  4. Those Oysters you made us at our house is a culinary moment that won't soon be forgotten. So delicious. Love what you've done with the leftovers. And new sweet potatoes and peas are one of my favorite sides. Yay for fresh vegetables.

  5. It all looks delicious Larry! You have a way with making good food. We have been kind of busy lately so I am just catching up with you guys. Heading back to NC on Friday.

  6. It all looks great, Larry! And I bet those oysters were delicious!

  7. Your pork looks great! I'm with Wende on not liking gravy, but my husband loves the stuff.

    And we're both old fogies here, so we remember what strawberries are supposed to taste like. I don't like picking them myself at the strawberry farm, so I rarely get the great ones.

  8. I love that you used the leftover filling for the pork loin. I've never had creamed peas & new potatoes, but anything with gravy makes me happy, so I am sure I'd love it.

    Freshly picked strawberries are the best!


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