Sunday, May 8, 2016

Leftovers from Pan-Seared Catfish With Brown Butter On Black Olive Toast

I posted about this catfish dish back in July, 2013 and I’m not sure if we’ve made it since but Bev had been wanting it so we made it the other night and used a triple so we’d have leftovers.

And what is my favorite thing to do with leftovers – why turn them into breakfast of course.  First I added some of the sauce to a skillet then added the beaten eggs.

I toasted the bread and topped with the olive mixture and nuked the fish.

Then it was assembled when the eggs were done - I had a bit too much fish for the bread. 

It was delicious this way except I over-cooked my eggs while I was tending to the rest of the items.  As good as this was, the original dish is better and worth your consideration - it's a company meal for us.

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  1. So many things you can do with leftovers and breakfast is right on the top of my list too.

  2. Larry, I do believe that your breakfast imagination is endless! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. I love seeing what you do with leftovers. Much more creative than what I come up with. We were with friends yesterday and talking about some people we know that simply refuse to eat left overs. And they throw food out due to that fact. I purposely make more food that I need so we have breakfast the next morning.

  4. Wow! You should write and publish a breakfast cookbook! I would definitely buy it!

  5. I think your leftover breakfasts always look delicious. This one looks way better than my boring old breakfast today.

  6. We should call you the breakfast king. :)

  7. I always think of you and your amazing breakfasts! This looks wonderful and a great way to get your morning protein.

  8. Breakfast at your home is always a grand event! Great idea!

  9. My grandmother was very allergic to eggs, even cooked into foods like bread or cake. So we always ate "Finnan Haddie" on weekends - some kind of fish. So this looks like a perfectly normal breakfast to me, or would without the eggs (which I'm sure were a delicious addition).

  10. Man that looks good!

    Over the Hill Chick


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