Thursday, February 11, 2016

Imprompto Superbowl Party

Normally, if we are home for the 6th week of the year, we utilize our time share in Gatlinburg, TN by Bev and I going up on Fri then me coming home on Mon and Bev's girl friends heading up for them to power shop the rest of this week.  Since the weather was only going to be good for shopping on the initial weekend and the Superbowl was also then, I suggested we reverse our normal plan.

Since I would be watching the Super bowl alone, I asked my buddy Joe if he would like to join me, then he asked his wife Carol if she'd like to come and she said yes and then our neighbors, Pat & Steve said they would like to come down for the game and an imprompto party was born.

For the last couple of weeks many bloggers have been posting some great suggestions for Superbowl eats and I would have liked to have tried most of them, but for this party Carol suggested we fire up the grill and eat before the game so we just had this.

All I needed to provide was baked potatoes (Irish and sweet), a place to grill & eat, and a room with big screened to watch the game - was that a great deal or what?  I wish I had buttered my potato and cut my steak for a second shot as I got them both perfect.  Joe commented that this may have been the best steak he'd ever eaten - they just got a little olive oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning on each side and I got them cooked right for a change.  This may be the new go-to big game eats for Almost Heaven South.

If you would like to spend the 6th week of 2017 at a nice two bedroom condo at Gatlinburg Town Square, let me know as we will be putting it in the rental program soon.

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2/7/16 event date


  1. Looks like a great Super Bowl plan came together at the last minute. Great job Larry.

  2. Gotta love impromptu parties like that always fun.

  3. We joined Paul at his rig for superbowl but no steaks - great brats though.

  4. I love montreal steak seasoning! That steak makes my mouth water!

  5. I love montreal steak seasoning! That steak makes my mouth water!

  6. Larry, Nothing like a good steak with a baked potato and a salad. Basic goodness and satisfaction! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. My kind of dinner! I would have much rather eaten your meal then all the chips and dip I ate.

  8. Sometimes those impromptu parties are the BEST kind... No hassle ---but good food and lots of fun with friends.... Love it.


  9. I really like Montreal Steak Seasoning. And I'm sure you were thrilled for Denver! :)

  10. This is truly the perfect stuff to be served on a Superbowl Party. Boiled seafood is unimpeachable accompaniment for chilled wines, beers or any cold beverage to drink on parties at venues in Chicago. Cheers!


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