Saturday, March 1, 2014

Immigration Views & Spring

It’s hard to get the news lately and not find something about illegal aliens, immigration, immigration reform, and such, so I decided it was time for me to weigh in on this issue.

I’ve come to the conclusion it is time to totally close our borders to all forms of immigration and freeze the population at current levels.  How did I come to this conclusion – glad you ask.

After spending six weeks RVing in Florida, I spent the better part of two days on I-75 during the drive home and I can definitively say there are already way too many people in this country J.

I’ll leave you with some early signs of spring – daffodils, tulips, and crocus’.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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2/22/14 photo date


  1. Your crocus are beautiful and thank you for sharing them. And I agree, there are too many people on I-75. But I much prefer it to I-95 :)

  2. Love your early signs of spring…it seems like it is taking its time getting here this year in New England. The traffic on the roads in Florida drove my husband crazy this year…it was like rush hour no matter the time of day.

  3. I just had to do another comment…very strange that my comments are showing that I've joined blogger and I haven't so this is a test. :)

  4. Larry, There was certaiinly too much traffic in the Palm Beach / Miami megaplex during our visit! I didn't think that I-75 was too bad either coming or going. Of course, I wasn't driving a big RV towing a car. That would have definitely changed my attitude! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Beautiful photo Larry. One day, I too, will have flowers blooming. :) As far as our population? I thought the same thing at Trader Joe's last weekend. ;)

  6. I love your signs of spring! And there were definitely too many people at the grocery store today! I hate crowded grocery stores!

  7. Love your photos of spring.....and I 100% agree - too much traffic, close the border LOL.

  8. Hi, We actually saw some early signs of spring this past week in Arkansas --but none here at home yet... Some Daffodils were actually in bloom in Arkansas.... Pretty!!!!

    Gonna get cold here again... I'm SO ready for spring!!!! ha....

    Great point about traffic--and too many people. Securing the borders would be the top on my list for sure!

  9. And I shudder to think of those driving without licenses too!

    I am so jealous of your spring bulbs. With the deep freeze layer this year it's going to be a late spring here :(

  10. In the state where I live the immigrants get their English and citizenship immediately lest they cannot find a decent job..They are poor here, but rich in my opinion in that after they become citizens, they go to college and better themselves, at the food pantry where I have volunteered for years, they come back with food for the poor, they were poor once, they hate the constant rain, but in they come with food and or money donations to help others..I find them refreshing, they adore their wives, husbands and children, they all pull together and they are kind and sweet, I have never seen their kids names or themselves in the police blotter of our local newspaper and they are discriminated against they used to tell me in English and then Spanish they were deeply hurt.. Many were professionals in the country of their birth now American citizens they must go to school and get established in the USA their country now..No I am for immigration reform but please don't perpetuate stereotypes of people born in foreign countries who escape to the USA as being lazy and car hounds, many here drive beaters until they can get their citizenship and education then they buy decent cars, after all it is just a car many have spoken to me..I know you are speaking of the east coast but the west coast is the fastest growing area for Latinos and Spanish birth immigrants and many many are wonderful, I read your blog daily, love your pictures, your home looks like a castle to me and the dock and the boat, etc. you must have done very very well in your professional job you used to have..NOT EVERYONE IS AS PRIVILEGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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