Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We Are Now Hunkered Down

A little sunrise out of Cindy's BR window - pretty nice view to awake to.

Up to now, we have been going about life as almost normal but being very careful about where we went, keeping social distance, and keeping our hands sanitized, but now that we have confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our immediate area, we have gone into full hibernation here at Almost Heaven South as of Mar 24 with no more non-emergency trips out of here.
Bev had made a trip to Sam’s Club a few weeks ago to stock up on some necessities, but I made a trip to the local Food City to pick up a few more things that I just wanted to cook.  I decided to go at 7am (still dark out) on St. Patrick’s Day in hopes of minimizing my exposure to others and I wiped down my buggy to start and my hands as I went around the store.

The first part of my plan worked well as there were very few shoppers, but the second part not so well as one of the items on my list was some whole chickens to cook on the spit.  There was not a single piece of chicken in the meat case, a little beef, and no seafood and they advised that everything was out on the shelves.  This is the chicken area.

Oh well, it wasn’t really a need nor was rye bread for our St Patrick’s Day Reubens but I did buy four cases of Diet Coke, which is a real necessity at our place as Bev’s body runs on it.  SIL, Pat, stopped by Kroger’s later in the day and they did have some marbled rye for our Reubens.

Our plan is to just stay here on our two acres and do our part to minimize the spread of the virus and especially not catch it. We will be cautious about folks who can visit us and take care with incoming packages and mail – the mail lady can potentially get virus laden mail from others mailboxes then transfer it to our mail when she delivers it – not sure how we’ll deal with this yet.

Since I leave home as little as possible anyway, sheltering in place won’t be too big of a change for me and no big deal for Bev, but Cindy is on the go all of the time and I may have to let the air out of her tires to keep her here.

Neighbor, Pat, and Bev decided that before we went totally into hibernation, we should have a little hot dog roast down at the lake so Pat's hubby, Steve, built us a nice fire so we could roast our wieners and keep warm in the cooler, damp temps of the day.  We practiced our social distancing and I used a Clorox wipe on my hands after handling any common utensils.

Cindy and Bev are enjoying their dogs as Dean seems to be supervising Janice and Pat while they cook theirs.  This is such a nice place for this event and it was good we could all get together before we hibernate for a couple of weeks and maybe much longer.

It was a good meal and good fellowship as we sat around the campfire until after dark and we all had that good campfire smoke smell when we left.

I plan to keep blogging but my post will pretty much just be about food and projects we may do while hunkered down – obviously no traveling.  Best of luck to all of you as we go through these very trying times.

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3/21/20 picnic date


  1. This is the first time in my life we ever had to have such turmoil in this fashion and you are making the best of it here. God bless you and yours and keep you all safe.

  2. When we get mail I wear gloves to pick it up and then it gets sanitized before I open it. Seems like I wear gloves a lot any more. At times like this I wish I had my own care to keep folks at bay. But we're doing the best we can. Glad you guys are good and staying safe.

  3. I'm pretty much speechless by now and just very thankful our sons and all can work from home! Be safe!

  4. Larry, We're on Day 12 of our 'bunker life', going out only if really necessary. Doctor's appointments and dental visits are postponed for the near future. Nice little gathering for your neighborhood! Lock Cindy up if you need to as she'd be pretty vulnerable and, worse yet, you don't want her bringing any 'presents' home to ya'll. Stay Well and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I'm so glad you are healthy and hunkered down. We have been too--there are quite a few cases here in Oregon.

  6. Good plan. The first on the lake looks so nice.

  7. I spent a week making a well planned list for our "doomsday" grocery shopping trip. We were at the store at 7:00 a.m. 4 days before you. At that point, shelves were just starting to empty out. We started in the produce/meat/bread section which at that time was pretty well stocked. About an hour later and near the end of our shopping list, the store became unmanageable with people and carts. Unfortunately pasta was on my list, and pasta was one of the last aisles for us to visit. It had been cleaned out by the time we got there. And I got the last bag of rice. We are hunkered down and staying put. With plenty of nice meals for a few weeks.


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