Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Pepperoni Rolls

Pepperoni rolls were invented in 1927 by the Country Club Bakery in my home town of Fairmont, WV as a food that coal miners could buy in the morning or previous evening and take in their lunch for a ready to eat meal.  Later on, a beer joint (Colaessano’s), about a half mile from my house, took them to the next level by splitting the baked rolls, adding peppers, pizza sauce, and cheese then re-warming to melt the cheese before serving – they were famous throughout northern WV.  Colaessano’s has long since changed from a beer joint to a carry-out/eat-in restaurant and the family is no longer involved.

I thought I’d posted about them before but since I couldn’t find it, I decided to proceed with this one.  Our friends Kathy and Russ (fellow West Virginian) were visiting recently and Russ and I began reminiscing about the delicious rolls so Bev agreed to make up a batch of them using her normal bread recipe – she has made them many times.

Her process begins by weighing dough into 3 ½ ounce pieces, then hand shaping them into flat rectangles into which she rolls three sticks (3/8’x3/8’x4’) of pepperoni, cut from a 4’ dia. round from the supermarket deli.  Ready to rise.

After raising and ready to bake.

After baking a tad too long for one batch.

For the sauce, I sautéed some of our frozen sweet peppers to remove some of the moisture then added some of our favorite Rao’s pasta sauce.

This is mine after splitting, adding peppers & cheese, and baking long enough to melt the cheese.

They were sooo good and Russ and I each ate two of them along with a little Italian pasta salad I'd made a few days ago.

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  1. These sure sound and look like a real tasty treat, they would make a nice easy lunch to carry to work as well.

  2. Looks like an excellent meal! Gotta love all the cheese involved.

  3. Gawd, I'd love to try one of those. And with Bev's homemade bread, I can't imagine how good.

  4. We don't have pepperoni rolls on the West Coast as far as I know - I've never heard of them. I love that Bev whipped up a batch for you guys - they look super tasty!

  5. Larry, We didn't get close enough to "pepperoni roll' territory in West Virginia this past summer so I still haven't sampled this treat. My version would feature pepperjack cheese and sliced jalapenos! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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