Sunday, February 14, 2016

Breakfast Pizza Ala Bev

For years I’ve been saying that Bev is the real chef in this family and this is a fine example.  Our last day in Louisiana, she decided to make some egg salad for sandwiches for the road and she ended up making a pretty big batch so we still had leftovers when we got home.

While we were watching TV one evening,  she announced that she had a plan for breakfast involving the egg salad and what she made was creative and delicious – and I thought I was the egg man.  She made a breakfast pizza using Naan bread, egg salad, hot breakfast sausage, cheese, green onions and a few small dollops of salsa here and there.  After assembly it was baked in the toaster oven until warmed through.

It was sooo good and I loved every bite of it, including the ones with the little zing from the salsa - until I can top this, Bev is now the recognized egg-dish master at this house.  Some of you out there - you know who you are - have got to try this.

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  1. Looks fabulous. Bev is the Queen of the kitchen and the head Chef of Eggs. Happy Valentine's Day you two.

  2. Hmm looks very tasty could be worth a try thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi, Larry, attempting to play catch-up on your writing. Happy to see you had a great trip south and are now back home, just in time for spring to begin. :) Tell Bev that breakfast pizza looks scrumptous! I am elbow deep into seedlings showing their little heads and anxious for the new season. Family in Almost Heaven said it's been freezing, but soon to change. That Puxatawney Phil best come thru with the promise.
    Happy Valentines Day to you two. :)

  4. Larry, Yep...I do know who I am! Wow! Talk about an imaginative breakfast! I bow before her creative force... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. I can't see your photo, Larry, it isn't opening up even with refreshing the page....but your descriptions sounds delicious! Bev done good!

  6. That really is creative and sounds fabulous!

  7. Brilliant! It's especially nice when someone else makes breakfast, isn't it?

  8. Oh My Goodness... That looks WONDERFUL... I would love it.. Of course I love anything with a Mexican hint to it!!!!! Since the weather up here today is snowy/sleety and cold---we opted to eat at a local Mexican Restaurant for our Valentine's Dinner... Had never done that before --but those fajitas were SO good.....


  9. Woohoo - Bev this is amazing! I love the sound of it. I know that must have made Larry happy :) Welcome home

  10. Oh man! You KNOW this has me drooling, Larry. I am loving this recipe. Nicely done, Bev!!!


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