Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Louisiana Trip – Day 13 & 14 - Poche's Campground & Prejean's

We were originally scheduled to leave on Tuesday (day 13) but I wanted to neither break camp nor drive in the rain & wind so we extended two days to let them get out of the Southeast and allow the coach to dry off.  Tuesday morning was nasty with cold rain and wind so we basically piled up it the coach and when it cleared we made another trip to Poche’s meat market to pick up a few more goodies to take home.  We decided that if we ever got another RV, a fireplace is a must - it gets a lot of use when it's cold as it heats the living area with electricity I'm already paying for.

On our way to the market, we decided to swing by Poche’s RV Park and Fish-N-Camp even though I was not expecting very much based upon the name.  What a pleasant surprise as we found a very nice park built around a series of small fish stocked lakes.  The roads were all paved and the 88 sites had concrete parking pads, nice grass or gravel, and nearly all were lake-front – you know it’s a pretty decent place when you find lots of class A motorhomes including a Newmar Kingaire.  RV sites are $40/day for four people and they also have some cabins.

I didn’t take any shots but here are some from the web.

If you like to fish or like a quiet, slightly off the beaten path location, this may be the place for you – it reminded me of a nice state park or COE campground.

On our last day, I readied the outside of the coach and the ladies went shopping one last time down in Broussard after which we went out to dinner.  We had been trying to get to Prejean's since getting here and based upon the reviews, some recommendations, and reading the menu on line, we were really looking forward to it.

The inside was nicely done and included a stage for the band that would be performing later on.

After studying the menu, Bev opted for the Crawfish Enchilada, Pat had the Shrimp Pasta Inez, and I went with the Alligator Grand Chenier.  

All of the meals looked good when they arrived and Bev’s was pretty good but difficult to tell it had crawfish in it, Pat’s was okay but nothing special, and mine was almost too salty to eat (which is saying a lot for me).  The sides of dirty rice and corn macque choux were also just okay so all-in-all we were disappointed and would rate this meal as the least favorite we had during our visit to Acadiana - pretty much tourist food.

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  1. It's fun to discover a new campground and I can certainly appreciate that you've enjoyed your fireplace. Our weather has been strange this year- either very warm or cold & windy. What happened to our usual lovely winter?

  2. I still find the small local places have usually better food and better prices too bad about this one.

  3. Our friends Jan and Bill agree with you completely on the fireplace. They love theirs. Too bad about the food. Hate to get my hopes up and then it doesn't turn out like I had hoped.

  4. Larry, Great RV Park...nice looking and with scenery to match. Too bad about the meal but you can't win them all and ya'll did have some pretty good luck on this trip. As for the're hooked up to DC in the parks so why not one of those mini-Vornado heaters for those cold days. They're very small, safe and would nicely heat up the main compartment of the RV. We use one in the cat's room and another under the house for really cold nights. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Too bad about that last restaurant. After looking at the menu, every dish sounds way too complicated.

  6. I am very envious of your fireplace in the rig. Our motor home is too small to have one, but our portable heater is handy to have on hand.

    Tourist food is the worst. It all looked good, it's too bad it wasn't very tasty.

  7. I didn't even know RVs came with fireplaces! What a great idea though and perfect for snuggling indoors during inclement weather. The restaurant looks cute but too bad about the food!


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