Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Florida Trip – Day 28 – Our Last Meal In Okeechobee

For our last restaurant meal in Florida, at brunch time, we once again headed up to Uncle Larry’s Rim Ditch Cafe but this time not for the famous Okeeburger

but rather with wings on our mind.  As a non-wing fan, Pat ordered the Reuben Omelet which sounded and tasted very good.

Bev and I ordered 25 wings with hot sauce ($15) and a basket of onion straws – maybe their best ones yet.

We ate all of the onion as it isn’t as good leftover and the wings were later reheated to add to some other leftovers for supper.  It was a delicious way to end our stay in the area.

After eating, we headed over to Ferrell’s Market to get some oranges, fresh squeezed juice, and tomatoes to take home.

Alas, it was time to say goodbye to south Florida for this winter.  

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  1. Its been so long since my last feat of wings, might just have to break down.

  2. Larry, That omelet looks pretty good to me and those wings look terrific! We had a batch of spicy and hot wings at Mexi-Wings this past week and they were darn good too... Like us, you can't leave Florida without some citrus to enjoy back home! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. We have some leftover corned beef...................

  4. That omelet looks great, with the biscuit and hash browns! I'm all winged out from so many on game day Sunday's. Love those palm trees too!

  5. Safe travels home. South Florida weather is beautiful this time of year. Tennessee is probably snowing about right now. Great food, great trip!


  6. Hi Larry, I have been reading your posts showing your trip... Glad you made it home safe and sound --but I'm sure you hated seeing that snow when you got home.

    This last meal looked wonderful. We had some great food at the beach last week also... YUM....

    How did this year's trip compare with last year's???


  7. Forget the wings, I would be happy with just the onion straws ;) So glad you guys were able to visit south Florida this winter. Hope you took a couple of honeybells home with you.

  8. I'm not a great wings fan, but I could sure go for either the burger or the omelet.

  9. I don't think I would have had any leftover wings or onion strings. Yum! Glad you are home - safe and sound. Did you bring some warm weather north?

    1. Unfortunately not - it was 21 last night.

  10. It all looks good Larry. It is kind of cold in Florida today, but I can deal with it when everyone north is suffering. We had some great wings at a super bowl party. Glad you made it home without any mechanical issues.

  11. All in all, it sounds like you had an enjoyable trip to Florida…I'm glad.

  12. You had a wonderful and delicious time in Florida, Larry. I am a sucker for fried onions! They look wonderful.

  13. The onion straws and wings look delicious, Larry. The warm Southern Florida weather must have been very enjoyable. We don't get the freezing cold here, just lots of rain this time of year.

  14. I love wings too much and eat too many of them! These look delicious. Looks like you had a delicious time in Florida, thanks for taking the time to share all of the photos with us.

  15. 20 ribeyes for $25? I'd have to see those before I bought them, ha ha. That burger looks awesome as do the wings, omelet, and fried onions. The last day of vacation is always kind of a drag to me, like the last day of summer when you were a kid.

  16. A corned beef omelet? Looks so yummy. Looks like you had a great trip!


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