Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Delights Of RV Ownership

On our way home from Florida in February, I managed to get in a tight spot and let the rear end swing into a pipe and broke our beautiful motor home.  Nothing like a two day trip home with your RV held together with duct tape.

Thanks to insurance and a local RV body shop we look to be as good as new and ready to get back on the road.

I’m thinking I may not be smart enough to drive this thing.

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  1. Ouch. What a shame, but you're definitely smart enough Larry. RV's must be just like boats - a hole to sink you're money in. When Meakin caught his first big tuna, we came back to the States and bought a new boat and I got him a fancy custom rod and reel. First fishing trip out into the Atlantic, the boat was parked at our dock with the new reel in a holder in the stern. As soon as he pulled away from the dock, the stern turned and went under the dock, breaking the new fancy custom reel. It was repaired locally and was almost as good as new, but it was heartbreaking to watch.

  2. Ouch that sure hurts. We did something similar on Mexico 2010, but took the door off an SUV in a gas station.
    Sure was depressing at the time. But had it all fixed up at our campsite on the beach in Mexico.

  3. Larry, At least you actually chose the pleasure and pain of owning an RV. It's not like with our aging bodies where they are what they are and you can't really trade them in or sell them. At least today repairs and replacements are optional... The good news is that repairs have been made to your RV and you're on the road again! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Oh Larry - what a bummer! Thank goodness for insurance!

  5. Well, dang, Larry, it is a bus, for pity's sake! Things happen....at least the duct tape held the pieces in place until you could fix it. And now it's all ready to roll again...

  6. Sorry.... I do admire ANYONE who drives one of these huge things... I could never do it... Think we'll stick to our Prius... It's a little smaller... ha


  7. And yet another great use for duct tape! Glad it's all like new now!

  8. Daddy, would it be rude of me to point out in that middle picture that your home on wheels is held together with duct tape while your brick and mortar home behind it is shown to be held together with masking tape? I'm noticing a theme... ;-)

    Glad the RV is all fixed and lovely again!!

  9. Larry, that thing is huge... more like driving an apartment building... good Lordy, I have trouble in my pickup...

  10. You are certainly smart enough to drive your RV. The pipe just got in the way…things happen. Glad it was fixed and your on the road again.

  11. Larry, don't be so hard on yourself, it's that dumb pipe's fault. :)


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