Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salisbury Steak, Mushroom Gravy, and Latkes

We had some ground beef and shitaki mushrooms that needed to be used and decided to go with Salisbury steak, even though we had it in January after never before making it.  We also had some frozen hash browns that I thawed that morning because they were getting frosty, and I’d been wanting to make latkes (shredded potato pancakes).

Once again we used Lynda’s Salisbury Steak recipe from Lynda’s Recipe Box, which I followed except we decided to grill the meat – click on the link for the recipe.

For the latkes, I used pam’s recipe for Easy, Easy Potato Pancakes from Pam’s Midwest Kitchen Korner and followed it except for the brand on potatoes and I used a canola & bacon grease mix for frying.

Even though it was cool outside, I decided to cook everything on the gas grill.  Note Bev’s daffodils in the woods.

I started the mushroom gravy on the side burner than moved it over to the grill burners so I could cook the latkes on the side burner. 

I had to be careful with the steak as they were pretty delicate.

Bev has been on a cooked carrot kick lately and It’s been years since I've had peas and carrots so that was our veggie dish - looks like a massive amount of food, but it was a small plate.

Everything was delicious but we decided we preferred the steak cooked in a pan – which is good since it’s easier.  This was our first time to make latkes but now that I know how easily they can be made with frozen hash browns, it won't be the last.

We also had another patty melt with some of the burger.

For Blonds Again
There's this blonde out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank 'Yoo-hoo!' she shouts, 'How can I get to the other side?'

The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, 'You ARE on the other side.'

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  1. Love peas and carrots. Thanks for the reminder of what a good combo it is. Your meal looks really good Larry. I just typed up a Salisbury steak post, Must be the season. I wonder if I have any daffodils coming up under the 2 ft. of snow in my yard?

  2. Yes, I'll have seconds on everything, please! Thank you :)

  3. Perfect Dinner! I love these home cooked meals of yours. Your Patty melts look wonderful too. I made them for the first time a few weeks ago for my kids and at first they thought they were getting a boring grilled cheese sandwich, until they bit into them. They really like Patty Melts now!

  4. Salisbury steak, I haven't had that in YEARS!! Sounds and looks delicious! Bev's daffodils look beautiful. Delicious dinner!

  5. I love your stories! I also really enjoyed your comment. It really does sound that way, Larry. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. That is my kind of meal! The mushrooms look heavenly.

  7. I never use pans on my grill. I need to expand my grilling experience.

  8. This looks like another delicious meal. I'd like to try those latkes some time.

  9. Larry, Great photo of the finished product! It's a balanced meal too... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  10. Looks so good Larry -love that big pan of mushrooms!
    Again, thanks for the shout out!

  11. Cool, I wouldn't have thought of trying to make salisbury steak on the grill.

  12. Oh, wow. Those mushrooms have my mouth watering. Everything here looks fantastic!


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