Monday, February 13, 2012

Prime Rib – It’s What’s For Breakfast Again

Unless you’re a new reader, you know we try to eat our leftovers and I use many of them for breakfast, such as these two meals.  We had scalloped potatoes, meat, and jus leftover from our recent prime rib dinner and I used all three in each meal.

The first one was simple warming of the potatoes and meat in the microwave and topping the potatoes with an over-easy egg.

For the second one I considered more options like a frittata and basic scramble, but I wanted to thicken the jus.  I’d recently completed the sauce making classes from the Rouxbe on line cooking school and wanted to make a Velouté sauce (butter, flour, broth) – turns out I’d been making this sauce for years and calling it gravy.  I had 1/3 cup of jus, so I used 1/3 Tbsp each of butter and flour.

I heated the diced prime rib meat in a little oil then added pre-warmed scalloped potatoes and beaten eggs to make a scramble.

The final concoction was a wet burrito.

I thought both meals were good but not company quality – I needed to kick up both of the potato dishes a little – Tabasco perhaps.  The gravy sauce could have cooked longer to thicken a little more, but the eggs were done and getting cold and I hate cold food.  The burrito wasn’t quite as good as the recent swordfish taco.

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  1. That first photo with the eggs over the potatoes - yum!!!

    Hey - my oldest daughter moved to Sweetwater. Where are you in relation to Sweetwater?

  2. Such a fancy name, Veloute! Who knew I've been making it for years too!! lol
    I like the first breakfast the best.. but I'm a sucker for a fried egg!

  3. You definitely always have the best breakfasts. I never think to use up my leftovers in such a way but I really should follow your example!

  4. I'm with Pam, that first photo looks delicious. You're getting pretty snazzy over there stirring up Veloute. Next you'll be making pomme frites instead of Fries. (I had to ask what they were at our local French restaurant) :)

  5. That first photo is completely mouthwatering. I'm wishing I had prime rib left over as well! YUM!

  6. That burrito looks fantastic, seriously. I know you thought it had its defects but it looks great to me.


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