Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beef Stir Fry

We had a rib eye steak left from a freezer package and Bev decided she’d like stir fry, but since she and the SIL went shopping, I was left with cooking dinner.  I know virtually nothing about Asian cooking, but I can follow a recipe and I know someone who stir fries a lot – Jenn over at Jenn’s Food Journey.  I found her recipe for Spicy Beef Stir Fry and adapted it a little for our meal.  Please pop over to her site for the complete recipes and some good shots.

Since we had the same amount of meat, I made up her marinade as written, but Bev said she wanted to use grilled steak, so I gave the steaks a couple of minutes per side on a hot grill.  When they cooled, I sliced them, poured over the marinade, and massaged it into the meat for a soak of 3 hours with a few interim massages.

Since I had twice the vegetables, I doubled the sauce recipe but I omitted the red pepper flakes as the SIL isn’t that into hot.

I began the cooking with the broccoli and cooked them to crisp tender then added the onions, peppers, and garlic.  Then I added the zucchini, water chestnuts, meat and sauce and cooked until everything was done.

We'd had rice a few times lately and couldn't find the white rice in the pantry, so I just cooked some orzo to put under the stir fry.

I thought it was very good and Bev said it may have been our best ever stir fry - the heat was just right for me but Bev may have added red pepper flakes to hers.  The only thing for next time is to use more cornstarch to handle the liquid that comes from the additional vegetables I used.  Thanks Jenn, you may turn me into a big fan of Asian cuisine.

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  1. For someone who says they don't know much about Asian cooking, looks like you did good Larry.

    You mentioned the cornstarch. You have no idea how many times I have to mix up more cornstarch slurry when the sauce has too much liquid in the end. Now I just leave the can out until we're finished cooking to save myself a trip back to the cabinet.

  2. It looks wonderful, Larry! I love the idea of grilling the steak.. AND using more veggies! Wish I had a plate of it right now. Always glad to hear the recipe turned out well and that you liked it!

  3. Dear Larry - you have Asian cooking well "sussed" already, just from your own observation and thinking.

    I would have loved this without any added rice or equivalent. But rice is also so good with this type of dish. My taste buds think you're doing fine with the Asian stuff,

    Michelle (with a snoozling Zebby Cat - like he does much else these days, bless my senior feline)

  4. I like almost any kind of stir fry, and this looks and sounds delicious.

  5. I love a good stir fry and this sounds wonderful! I sure that grilling the meat first made it even more flavorful. I'm off to Jenn's to find this recipe!

  6. I love stir fry-don't know why I don'tmake it more often.
    I think you did a great job with this recipe. I wish I had a plate of it now.

  7. Jenn really does know her stir-frys and sauces. I have liked every single one of her recipes that I have tried. Your version looks great!

  8. You are becoming quite the wok star! Love the pre-grilling technique.


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